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Getting started by Mussoman

Very professional display of the recording craft. Keeping it simple is a strength. Great road trip music. Bass could be a bit more in the background very nice recording. Get out and play this music in public!
Comment Written by 58Merlin on 26-Oct-2016

American Spirit by kristanyorkmusic

Nice clean recording. Enjoy the rhythm style and the lyrics they are well mixed and constructed understandable without have to read the lyrics. Really good song but reminds me too much of Cat Stevens. Keep up the great work!
Comment Written by 58Merlin on 26-Oct-2016

Hear, what I have to say by bigedwood

Good clean mix. Like how you select your lead work into the melody. Very easy to understand the lyrics too. Great work! Thought the vocals could use a bit of fine-tuning.
Comment Written by 58Merlin on 16-Feb-2016

PSudoTech by ZetMac

Sorry I am old fart I can not see myself really getting into dance move with this one as the composition is a bit scattered. Good clean sound good recording skills. Just not my cup of tea. Best of luck to you!
Comment Written by 58Merlin on 16-Feb-2016

Going Down by Scott Harvey

Very tight and clean sound like it a lot. My only criticism is the bass line follows the guitar line a bit much. Oh, your vocals are not bad at all.
Comment Written by 58Merlin on 16-Feb-2016

Autumn Mist by Kerri Powles

Soothing score, I like the horn very much. The violins a bit loud bit much out front. I am not very versed in this type of medium. I could read a novel while listening to this. Very well composed.
Comment Written by 58Merlin on 14-Feb-2016
Read and reviewed with blinders on.

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