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Hero The Band - Give It Away by herotheband

Catchy pop sound, it's got a slight eighties retro sound. Very well mixed, and tight sound, but with lots of little variances coming in. professional sounding!
Comment Written by TENX on 03-Feb-2016

I Can Feel You Breathe

Well put together acoustic pop sound. Do love the way the electric guitar echoes with the voice when it comes in. Nice chord changes, and then an acoustic solo part, and like the intensified vocals at the end. Professional sounding!
Comment Written by TENX on 03-Feb-2016

Upbeat by Paulnestroyl

Nicely uplifting sound, Well contained. The change with the guitar and bongo sound gives it a good variance. Reminds me a little bit of a track called 'Florida fantasy' from 'Midinight cowboy' film, and maybe a little Vangelis sounding. Good clear recording.
Comment Written by TENX on 01-Feb-2016

Praying of soul by Freedom

Excellent composition. sounds a bit like Enya, or Vangellis in places. Nice clear recording. Great synth sounds too.
Comment Written by TENX on 31-Jan-2016

for rory gallagher by bryan taylor

virtuoso sounds. A bit like Yngwie malmsteen, and others of course. Love the talk box effect. Recording is very clear. can't fault it. Professional
Comment Written by TENX on 31-Jan-2016

Raindrops by Paulnestroyl

Good tune, I like the tone and arrangement. It sounds reminiscent of a Leo Kottke type piece to me. Great guitar tone, and clear recording. Excellent
Comment Written by TENX on 31-Jan-2016

Till The End by Noah_Ohne

Good lyrics, almost eighties sort of sound. Simple but succinct. Good stuff. Clear recording. Professional sounding. Best of luck
Comment Written by TENX on 31-Jan-2016

The right People by Frankie(n)

Excellent vibe, good lyrics. It's got a very uplifting Reggae sound. But kept simple, not cluttered. Nice keyboard sound and beats, very compact to deliver and carry the message. Best wishes and good luck with all!
Comment Written by TENX on 30-Jan-2016

Journey of the Three Kings by Wallace

This sounds quite sophisticated, and has some interesting harmonies and slight discordance's in places, kind of chamber music elements, and modernist sound. Very well put together and interesting, could be film music. I like the harp sections and the gong that comes in. Best wishes in the ratings and comps.
Comment Written by TENX on 30-Jan-2016

Down The Road by Scott Harvey

nicely put together track. This has a laid-back country rock sound. Nicely recorded, and the guitar is just right, the lyrics are well constructed, and allow the listener to follow the story and momentum of the overall song, which works well.
Comment Written by TENX on 28-Jan-2016

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