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Why by 2USband


I absolutely love your song, lyrics, melody, vocals...everything! Just beautiful. "Why"
is a good title for your song and a question
that really can never be answered when speaking
of the kind of person that would beat someone
when they were kind. Did you mean "beated" or
just beat?

I really liked these lines too:
"So why did you *held me as a prisoner* (Hold)(you sang it
When the love was gone" correctly)

I could see this being a very popular song everywhere, I look forward to hearing more from you and your husband.

Comment Written by SweetLinda on 14-Nov-2015

Leaving Buffalo by akkrys123


Ok, you have wonderful harmonica, strings and vocals.
I wish I was able to give you a six...I just registered
on the site...but guess what? I broke up with Buffalo
too! Two of my sons are still there.

I like the lyrics and I wish you well as you so and sing.
Sure you won't miss the snow. Interesting how you melded the
Buffalo with your real life love.

Best Wishes,
Comment Written by SweetLinda on 13-Nov-2015
Read and reviewed with blinders on.

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