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Home Back East Edit #6

Yet another great production, John :-) The timing is as always splendid, the panning is supernice (espesially towards the end), and the instrumentation is very well executed. From my oun personal view you could have pushed the bass frequensies a little more in the mix,to make it even a bit more omphy.... Hats off, man :-)
Comment Written by 2USband on 05-Jul-2016
Read and reviewed with blinders on.

It's Just An Art Form Edit #3 by Noah_Ohne

Wow! This is superimpressive, Noah. The timing is indeed some of the best I have ever heard you have done, the panning is great, your voice really shines in the mix, and the complexity of this masterpiece gave me goosebumps all over. Great work, Sir :-)
Comment Written by 2USband on 20-May-2016

A Pirates Lament by Noah_Ohne

Brilliant, Noah :-) Just splendid. The whole production is extremely well nitted together, and your voice is shining. The panning is very well planned, and it just gets better towards the end. Like it a lot, man.
Comment Written by 2USband on 19-Feb-2016

Starbound by Noah_Ohne

In my ears, this is a six star production. The whole thing. Noah does what Noah does best. And that is making MUSIC. Hats off once again, sir :-) Cheers.
Comment Written by 2USband on 02-Feb-2016

Till The End by Noah_Ohne

This is a very well performed recording, and elements in this tune reminds me of Genesis. Great job on that :-) Usually I am not a big fan of repeated choruses that seem to go on forever, but you have really nailed it here, Noah :-) The sound is crisp and clear, and as always your exellent voice has that extra flavor to top it all. Cheers.
Comment Written by 2USband on 25-Jan-2016

Haulin' butt by DukeBenton


I just listened to your song, and it did not give me anything. The start was good, and I was thrilled, but the pichcontroll can come in handy. A little out of tune at times. And why the heck are you in this genre? This is not rock/pop. Keep on rocking!
Comment Written by 2USband on 23-Jan-2016

Drum Beats by ZetMac

Actually. If you were a real drummer, and put all of this together as a one piece effort behind a real kit, I would have been impressed. Anyone can press a key on the keypad. A 3 star is for the inspiration. Keep going
Comment Written by 2USband on 23-Jan-2016

Ambient Experiment by ZetMac

The sound of this recording is crisp and clear, and it is easy to pay attention to what is happening in the musical picture. Keep up the good work, but also try to move out of the comfortzone a bit once in a while, and the music will grow on the listeners ;-) Cheers
Comment Written by 2USband on 19-Jan-2016

My Suicide Note by ChasingSpace

I really like this recording. It is tight and enthusiastic all the way from beginning to end, and your voice fits the uptempo very well indeed. At times I get tired in the head of all that open hihat going on all over the place (maybe that's just me), but all in all a very groovy and compelling tune, sir. Cheers.
Comment Written by 2USband on 18-Jan-2016

Reverie - Bethan Catherine by bethancatherine

This is a very down to earth melody and recording, and easy on the listeners ears. I believe that you have it in you to progress and grow as an artist in the musical marked, so keep on doing what you feel is right, and have faith in what you do. If you also keep on working with different arrangements ( strings, atmos, pads ), the results will be even better :-)
Comment Written by 2USband on 17-Jan-2016

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