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In Solitary by AugustWillDecay

the writing is nice, but the performance lacks. the guitar should make me feel some amount of anticipation, and the vocals should be delivered in a believable way. they should send shivers down my spine. the idea is good, but i feel like the delivery of everything sounds robotic and disconnected. the guitar sounds like it was played to a click and the vocals could be reading out of a phone book and i wouldn't know the difference. there's a place this song should take me and i feel like it could take me there if the performance were more alive. this is a song that i think is presented with all it's parts, but not with the feeling that makes me really feel the artist's intention. scare me! make me lose myself in what you are saying because i can't help but feel what the meaning of the words are through the delivery. the story is there, the vibe is there, just deliver it so that you make me believe. i like what you wrote. now, show me exactly what this means in the recorded performance.
Comment Written by thehitman on 07-Oct-2015

And Fly by michaelross

there's a lot of good stuff going on here. the musicality is apparent, but there's a few things that i would have done differently to make the most of the good stuff that's here. the mix balance and overall tone could be different. i would like to hear more of the instruments and less of the vocals. the vocals could probably still be easy to hear even if tucked into the track a bit. the instrumental performances are strong, but the vocal performance isn't nearly as good as the instrumental performance. it might be good to lean on those strengths a little bit more to hide some of the weaknesses. the overall tone is thin and bright. i think if the vocals were tucked a bit and the instruments came up that the overall sound would sound richer and fuller. this is a good song that might benefit with a few adjustments.
Comment Written by thehitman on 06-Sep-2015

The Light Way by Freedom

A beautiful piece of music that is dynamic and inspiring. there's really not much more i can add. It's great work.
Comment Written by thehitman on 05-Sep-2015

Made for each other by John David Coupland
Chapter 32 of the book Songs by JDC

this is a very nice song. the vocal tone and performance stands out as being excellent. the background music is nice and plays it's role well. i can offer up ideas for doing this differently, not because i dislike what's here, just because i would do it differently if it were my music. the main thing i'd do different, is with the instrumental part. i'd like to hear this with some live instruments. maybe some acoustic guitar or live piano. overall i would have the music a bit louder than it is in comparison to the vocal. the vocal is nice and carries the weight of the song well, but i think i personally would have the music up a bit. i think the vocal performance could be nit picked in a few spots, but since it comes across very musically and with feeling, i think it works well as it is. good work
Comment Written by thehitman on 04-Sep-2015
Read and reviewed with blinders on.

Ascended Mind by cosmos47

i'm very knowledgeable and experienced working with rappers and producing Hip Hop music. i don't want the artist thinking that i'm listening to this and commenting without some idea of what i'm talking about. that said, i gotta keep it real. i like the sound of the voice, but i didn't catch a single word that was said. here's why, it just sounded like the words were being read from a phone or a piece of paper. there just was no feeling or conviction to them. if what's being said is important, then deliver it in a way that makes me believe what's being said. i'll hear and remember the song and the words if what's being said is what the artist is actually feeling. there's raw talent here, but it's not because of how fast the words come out. it's because the voice has a good tone and a nice flow. spitting out words doesn't mean anything if they aren't spoken from the heart and the mind. if this is just about lyrical gymnastics, then that's what it's gonna sound like.
Comment Written by thehitman on 24-Aug-2015

Why Cant Love Be Easy by gart33

i rate this highly because it's done perfectly for the style. i'm not a country fan, but, i can appreciate that this is good songwriting and good performance. the sound quality is lacking, but, i don't feel like the quality of the song itself is affected because of the quality of the songwriting and performance. the stuff that always sounds the best doesn't always have to have the best sound quality, but it does have to reach the listener in a way that speaks. this speaks.
Comment Written by thehitman on 20-Aug-2015
Read and reviewed with blinders on.

Another Hill To Climb by brownsox

the music has an identity and a vibe. the overall sound quality detracts from the music. the song itself is distorted. the instruments all sound small. the songwriting and performance would come across to the listener in a very pleasant way if the production was better. this is decent music made unlistenable because of the poor sound quality. rerecord the song and get it mixed right and you will have something very nice.
Comment Written by thehitman on 20-Aug-2015

Its OK to Kill a Baby When?? by brownsox

this is a tough song to review. i say that because i don't get it. i don't understand it and it's not reaching me. it might not be for me to get though. my best guess here is that it represents a step in the learning process of music and production for all those involved. i know as i've learned and grown as a musician, i've gained from the experience of just making music and following through. regardless of whether the results were optimal. i think the fact that this is up here in a complete form is a positive step for all that have worked on this.
Comment Written by thehitman on 20-Aug-2015

ride my pony by bryan taylor

performance wise i'd say this is excellent. the sound quality and and production are about average. the 2 things that come to mind first are that it's possible there is a significant loss of quality in the conversion processes. the analog to digital converters may be an issue and therefore going into the computer there is loss of quality and also the conversion to mp3 process may be taking a toll on the sound as well. check the quality of the mp3 encoding. the volume balance of the mix seems good, but there seems to be some panning to the guitar that might be worth checking out. the lead guitar is allowed to dominate the mix and be the center of attention as it is the lead melodic instrument. they playing is good, so let it shine through. all in all, good music that can really turn into something special with a few improvements in the overall sound quality.
Comment Written by thehitman on 20-Aug-2015

You ain't gotta (I was born) by Kakalaki Kid

there are those who fear death, and those with a fear to live life. i don't know what it's like in death, but in life it's what a person makes of it that matters most. choosing to cherish someone you care about in a song is a wonderful way to celebrate life whether they have passed on or not. kudos for time in your life well spent making a great sounding song about someone dear to you and sharing it to the world. keep on living life to it's fullest without fear.
Comment Written by thehitman on 19-Aug-2015

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