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Air Ship 30,000 ft

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this track. The acoustic guitars sound very good. The melody is pleasing and creates a serene mood. I enjoyed the lack of percussion, the attack derived from the acoustics was more than enough for such a peaceful tune.

The only suggestion I might have is an 80hz roll off on the acoustics to take away a bit of the boominess from the low end and provide more distinction between the low end of the guitars and the bass line.

Very nice piece.
Comment Written by Noah_Ohne on 01-Feb-2017
Read and reviewed with blinders on.

Looking for the happy end. by John David Coupland

Very nice piece John. Your chord voicing are superb. This piece moves along nicely and the melody is very good. I am a large fan of classical music and especially guitar. This is a well composed piece and has a very traditional sound.

The recording is great and would probably be hard to improve on. Did you use a microphone or is the guitar acoustic/electric? The sound is excellent.
Comment Written by Noah_Ohne on 10-Jan-2017

Gone Sunday by faustio

You have a very interesting style Faustio. I find your sound to be a bit like that of Jon Astley in both music and vocals. Your use of rhythm and the content of your music is very much like him. I find it interestingly refreshing. Uniqueness to me is a valuable trait and you definitely are a unique artist.

This is a nice piece and it sounds great. I do feel that you could probably develop your lyrics a bit more so as not to be so repetitive, however, to each his own and if you are satisfied then I'm sure there will be followers. My philosophy is that "I write music for me and IF you like it then that's fine". It's nice to see others taking the same approach with such great results.

Very nice track man.
Comment Written by Noah_Ohne on 10-Jan-2017

Keep it Coming by sgill8

Interesting piece of music. The melody played in the beginning is rather haunting, almost like the theme from some horror film. The background sounds are interesting also and add to the haunting sound of the piece.

Your rap style is interesting and the various voices in the piece are well done. This track held my interest over it's length and was very entertaining.

The instrumentation was well done and the arrangement is good. Nice piece of work.
Comment Written by Noah_Ohne on 10-Jan-2017

Fire by Tyson Manning

I like your style, and what you had to say in this song. Hip-hop isn't my preferred genre, but this is really good stuff. It has something to say that in my opinion is meaningful, interesting and well presented.

Your rap style is tasteful. The use of inflection and the way you express what you have to say is far beyond the average monotone BS that I hear from a lot of amateur rappers. You have a style that should take you far.

Nice piece.
Comment Written by Noah_Ohne on 10-Jan-2017

That time of year by GQGeorge

You have a very interesting style. I found this song to be rather unique in content and sound. Your voice has a timbre that stands out in a very identifiable fashion.

The musical style is interesting and somewhat unconventional, which from my perspective is a good thing. I appreciate unique sounding music and displays of individualism. I a world of musical clones, this was refreshing.

Nice work.
Comment Written by Noah_Ohne on 10-Jan-2017

We don't See Them by faustio

I very much like the concept. I have breached it myself although from a somewhat different perspective. Your approach is very interesting and has a very pleasing sound. The guitar chord voicings sound layered, are very nice and have the sound of many of the progressive bands from earlier times.

This was a great idea in my opinion and applaud your composition. I found the listen smooth and very easy going.
Comment Written by Noah_Ohne on 29-Dec-2016

Trapped Inside by cellxbeatz

Interesting musical approach. This would be a great part of a soundtrack for a mystery or maybe horror film. The sound effects and percussion play nicely off one another and create an interesting feel.

Very nice piece.
Comment Written by Noah_Ohne on 27-Dec-2016

Only Me by Tourmiz Aleteng

Excellent piece of music. The groove here is very pleasing to the listener and creates a very serene mood. The vocals are well produced and have a great place in the mix. The music arrangement is very nice and the total production has a very professional sound.

Great job.
Comment Written by Noah_Ohne on 27-Dec-2016

Wasted by faustio

You have a sound that is very "likeable" for lack of a better term. The kind of music that's easy to just sit back and "chill" to. There are lots of melodic and enough rhythmic things going on in this track, along with changes that enhance the music; to keep it very interesting.

The vocal style is pleasing and I find what you do musically unique. That works for me.
Comment Written by Noah_Ohne on 24-Dec-2016

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