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Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga (Cover) by royalmanakshay

Although I didn't understand the language of the vocal (if the lyrics were posted I could translate) I found the music and melodies captivating. I think that regardless of any language barrier, the song must have very well written lyrics to match the beauty of the composition.

I think this is an excellent piece of music.
Comment Written by Noah_Ohne on 10-May-2017

House of the Rising Sun by bryan taylor

I must say that I've never quite heard it done that way. It's interesting and the mood is a bit different that you get from a male vocal (for instance, the Leslie West version).

Again, this is an interesting change from your previous post's.

Very tastefully done.
Comment Written by Noah_Ohne on 15-Apr-2017

Her Simple Song by bryan taylor

This is a very interesting diversion from most of your posts. Personally I think the versatility and change are good things. This track definitely displays another facet of your ability.

The acoustic guitar sounds great.

The vocalist also has a very good voice. The blend of styles if interesting.

Nice work Brian.
Comment Written by Noah_Ohne on 15-Apr-2017

A Jewelled Crown by Ray Brookes

Very nice track Ray. Excellent lyrics that tell a good story. Your approach on this one is very good and it sets a nice mood.

Great job.
Comment Written by Noah_Ohne on 24-Mar-2017

An Emergency by JTomaino

Another excellent track. This one sounds a bit less like the Lennon's in a vocal sense however the music writing style is definitely in the same vein. It's a great sound and very full. The strings fill in the holes nicely.

Again, well written and recorded. Very nice lyrics.
Comment Written by Noah_Ohne on 19-Mar-2017

Force of Habit by JTomaino

Very nice work. Your sound/production style remind me a bit of John and Julian Lennon's recordings. The style of music is very much like them and your voice sounds very close to both of them.

This is a well written piece and extremely well recorded.

Great work.
Comment Written by Noah_Ohne on 19-Mar-2017


I think your approach is commendable. I am a large fan of individualism and this piece displays that quality very nicely. Although the music is not super complicates, I do not believe that complexity necessarily constitutes quality.

This track sets a mood that transcends complexity and (although my interpretation may be a bit different than most), sets an aura of mystery and leaves one wondering what might come next.

The track was well recorded although I think that the mix might have been a bit nicer, the mastering was good however it was accomplished.

Very nice track and I applaud your interestingly different approach.

Comment Written by Noah_Ohne on 06-Mar-2017

Fly me the song by thefuse

You have a very interesting sound/style. A bit reminiscent of The Goo Goo Dolls. The recording sounds great and I thought that the composition was excellent.

The lyrics sound great, although posting them would have made it bit easier to follow.

Very nice job.
Comment Written by Noah_Ohne on 05-Feb-2017

junk yard dog by bryan taylor

Very nice piece Bryan. Your tone is always impeccable and although like Satriani we both know that no two guitarists will sound exactly alike. With that said, your sound is distinctive. Your compositions for the most part always have plenty of drive in the rhythm and percussion approach. It makes for great driving music.

All the technical aspects are excellent (eg. progression, recording, mix) although I usually have to adjust the EQ a little from what works for production music it still sounds great.

Nice work man.
Comment Written by Noah_Ohne on 01-Feb-2017

Race Against Time by Colin Thomson

Very nice use of the stereo space. I see what you mean by "gameshow" although I wouldn't limit it to that. The sound is a bit 70's/80's which I rather enjoy.

The progression flows nicely and keeps the piece interesting. Overall sound quality is very good in my opinion. I prefer a bright mix to the somewhat more midrange driven ones.

Very nice work.
Comment Written by Noah_Ohne on 01-Feb-2017

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