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Boiling In Fear by compresser69

Very interesting melding of styles. There's a lot of things going on here that are interesting. I think the rhythm is very 70's in terms of drive and the overall feel. The metal component is interesting and adds quite a different feel to the metal genre.

The mix and mastering are well done. Everything is clear and intelligible. The stereo space is well used.

I appreciate the incorporation of multiple styles. After all, music is a very subjective thing. This approach I can appreciate. Great job.
Comment Written by Noah_Ohne on 07-Nov-2017

Only Echoes Remain (With Vocals) 4 by threshold

I've listened to this piece a few times now. I love the introduction. It inspires a feeling that some s&%t is about to happen. The best music, from my perspective should always paint a picture in your head even without lyrics. This is accomplished in your track.

Lyrically, it's difficult for me to comment. I found it difficulty understanding them, and since they aren't posted with the track I am at a loss. However, the sound is a bit annoying and in my opinion, detracts from the music which is very good. Maybe adjusting the EQ on the vocal(s) would help. Also, again in my opinion they should be a bit more up front in the mix. I'm not saying blast them, but just allow them to be heard clearly. They are a bit more understandable in the chorus than verse. Maybe a bit more separation in the mix of the instruments would open more vocal space, but the high end is definitely an issue.

I like way you used the percussion, especially the huge sounding bass drum. It actually sounds more like timpani a bit. I think the hi-hat could benefit from a bit more of a dynamic performance. The percussion is a bit loud in the mix while the vocals are happening.

The arrangement is interesting and maintained my attention and there are some interesting sounds in the mix.

The ending is likeable; a bit bizarre, and I like that.

Overall a very creative piece. Correct the mix issues and I thing you'll have a great track.
Comment Written by Noah_Ohne on 14-Sep-2017

Rock'n Roll Star

Sounds like something you lived through. This is a well written story and definitely holds the attention of the listener. The theme is excellent and one that I'm sure many can relate to.

The mix is very good. The guitars sound great. Your vocal timbre fits the mood of the music well. The 60's like qualities are unique today and you do it well. The vocals and harmonies are well done.

Excellent piece.
Comment Written by Noah_Ohne on 01-Aug-2017
Read and reviewed with blinders on.

When Blue Fades to Black

It's great when a composer incorporates lyrics that relate to life challenges associated with it. Relationships are always a great topic for songs. There are so many methods of expressing things we all feel. You've done a great job here.

Still reminds me of The Beatles (and that's not meant as any kind of insult). I was always a big Beatle fan

Very nice work.
Comment Written by Noah_Ohne on 01-Aug-2017
Read and reviewed with blinders on.

Maybe Next Time

This has a very Beatle like quality in the writing style. The vocal harmonies have a very clean 60's quality. The lyrics are well written. The "hook" is catchy and memorable. Excellent quality for radio ready material.

Is the guitar a Tele? It sounds very much like one, or maybe Rickenbacker?

Good song.
Comment Written by Noah_Ohne on 01-Aug-2017
Read and reviewed with blinders on.


Excellent use of the stereo field. Very cool flute like melody in the intro. This reminds me a bit of some of the intro's in Yes songs or maybe even the work of Patrick Moraz.

It have a very cinema feel, like a movie soundtrack.

The mix is very clean and crispy. The strings and other orchestral instruments sound great. I like your style.

Great piece.
Comment Written by Noah_Ohne on 01-Aug-2017
Read and reviewed with blinders on.

Silly Girl Fantasy by Jimi Seven

Very nice theme that I'm sure is applicable in many situations today. The track is well structured and flows well. It's a bit reminiscent of some of the Julian Lennon material that I've heard.

The lyrics are well written and relay the intent well.

Good track.
Comment Written by Noah_Ohne on 01-Aug-2017

Round Here by Fwesh Academy

Interesting approach. Making use of the "silent" spaces if good. It leaves the music very open so that the vocals are more predominant. Well presented.
Comment Written by Noah_Ohne on 07-Jun-2017

Vatic - Something to say by Vatic

Very nice piece of music. The intro is nice and compels one to keep listening. The track has a nice feel and good drive. Nice vocals. However, at times the vocal effects are a bit on the heavy side.

Nice piece. Good work.
Comment Written by Noah_Ohne on 07-Jun-2017


Very soulful sound. You have a great timbre and the vocal style fits well in the music. The progression is very nice and has a bit of a jazzy feel. Excellent harmonies and vocal melody.

Very nicely done.
Comment Written by Noah_Ohne on 07-Jun-2017

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