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Make You Mine by middleage1

good fun song , I am glad you can have fun making music , some take it too seriously , :-) keep it up , a fun listen , did I hear a touch of "Beatles" ?
Comment Written by teek on 02-Dec-2015

I Saw My Life Today by middleage1

nice tone on the guitar , the sprinkling effects blend well with this tune , flows nicely , the backing vocal was interesting , :-)
Comment Written by teek on 30-Nov-2015

Listen Closely (To The Rhythm) by Bruce

I like the sentiment or the message in the lyrics, nice guitar sound and tone , is the Zoom 24 the hand held / portable one ? or a studio / desk top one ? only nit have is the vocal could use more reverb or some type of "effect" on them , maybe a touch of echo , BUT that is a personal choice , well done and well recorded overall .
Comment Written by teek on 30-Nov-2015

Una Noche Sin Ti by songwriter47

Very nice piece of music , thank you for sharing this with us , nice listen , captures a mood very well ,
Comment Written by teek on 28-Nov-2015

Down the hills by 2USband

Another nice one , by u 2 , oops 2us :-) emotive vocals and lyrics , nicely recorded , I like the clean piano sound , fits in well on this tune .
Comment Written by teek on 23-Nov-2015

Mr. Kinnely by 2USband

nicely recorded , good sound , maybe as people have said to me , LYRICS would be helpful , some parts are a little hard to understand , good overall though ,
Comment Written by teek on 21-Nov-2015

Lucy by physicalblue

Very nice , nice elements and I liked the changes ,was this recorded in a studio , sounds clean , so I think it was , will probably sell a few copies at $1 each .
Comment Written by teek on 20-Nov-2015

Jurassic John and the Crystal Brain by Noah_Ohne

Excellent composition , very well done , nicely put together , it flows well so well done to connect all the different instruments from Sonar and make this lovely composition .
Comment Written by teek on 18-Nov-2015

alleluiah by Pacific Sunshine Band

nice tune , well recorded , as it should be , being recorded in a professional studio , I like the guitar , and your vocal .
Comment Written by teek on 06-Nov-2015

A gentle touch by 2USband

nice sound / playing , I will be waiting to hear the vocal , it will be a nice song , with a soft / mellow vocal .
Comment Written by teek on 06-Nov-2015

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