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Michael Idziak

she's in love by bryan taylor

Very cool. Nice and relaxing. Sounds like something I would listen to in the car on a long road trip. I like it.
Comment Written by Michael Idziak on 23-Jul-2015
Read and reviewed with blinders on.

Because Of You by Aliceo

Hello. I just recently became a member(not a premier member) of fanmusic. It is nice to see there outlets for people trying to have their songs heard. Anyway, Because of You is a really nice song. Very inspirational.
Comment Written by Michael Idziak on 14-Jul-2015

Dreamy Summer piano by Wallace

Very nice. Relaxing. I enjoy listening to just piano sounds. Nice job. It makes you want to close your eyes and just relax.
Comment Written by Michael Idziak on 11-Jul-2015

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