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Kakalaki Kid

Ileke Idi by Dannyblinkz

It unfortunately doesn't seem to play anything at anytime. I would like to hear it if you fix it. Cheers
Comment Written by Kakalaki Kid on 12-Dec-2015

Sunshine Day by songwriter47

This is a very well structured piece with a very calm melody to it. It is soft and smooth, just the right amount of keys to string ratio.. I enjoyed it a fair bit.. But the flute was my surprise to rise this to it's 5 plus 5.. well played and played.. love this cheerful piece
Comment Written by Kakalaki Kid on 12-Dec-2015
Read and reviewed with blinders on.

Sonata in e Minor by gackerjr

hello mate, this is a very interesting piece, the key work sounds strong and intense. The consistency in melody and structure was cool and yet well constructed. Good job mate
Comment Written by Kakalaki Kid on 18-Nov-2015

Jurassic John and the Crystal Brain by Noah_Ohne

This is a very interesting piece. Not sure what tones and keys I'm hearing, but the bass and the electric sound strong and confident. The piece seems to flow well and is constructed well. The cross over was a odd switch, could be it's own piece, but I'm sur eyou know this. Cheers
Comment Written by Kakalaki Kid on 18-Nov-2015

It's love, just love by John David Coupland
Chapter 36 of the book Songs by JDC

Hello there mate, this is a nice song. The lyrics are very romantic and yet from a personal and different direct of a tale. The It's love chorus piece is very gripping and harmnically catchy.. So to end this I will say as for me & this song.. I guess it's love.
Comment Written by Kakalaki Kid on 10-Nov-2015
Read and reviewed with blinders on.

akaati shatta by zonebowygh

Hello there mate, this was quite the surprise for me to here. I will admit I only get on this site these days when I am referred by other who think an artist would be great for The SMS Project. So it's always a treat for me to hear a new switch to the norm. This was a very cool groove and the flow was really quite well and flowing. An as a man of the accent, I really respect the spit style of the UK. I hope you respond back and chose to join our cause for the sick and ill around the world. And to stand along the side of fellow musicians of a special caliber. If this sounds good to you mate, or peeks your interest please visit our site at

(there is a invitation link at the top right. You can click this to learn about my offer to you mate) ALL FREE ALL THE TIME!
And feel free to take the TOUR of the site, by following the tour arrows.
I hope to here from you soon mate, btw the debut is on thanksgiving's day. And the submission deadline for the SMS Xmas X release is November 15. Thanks for your time and the really cool track mate.
Comment Written by Kakalaki Kid on 10-Nov-2015

orilomo by bidexmighty

This is a pretty interesting take on the instrumental genre. I'm not sure it's clear what you're exactly saying in the piece itself. The lyrics seem a bit sharp, loud and unclear. And I think that you would benefit more from the usage of less vocals in this composition. It just seems to be the only thing a listener can hear. After about 40 seconds in, you can't really hear or focus on the actualities of the constructed piece. That's bout it mate, but it was a very interesting, unique take in this instrumental field. Cheers to you and good luck on your future projects.
Comment Written by Kakalaki Kid on 10-Nov-2015

Building Walls by teek

Hello mate, this is a really pretty song. I was just letting it play and it was a nice melodic piece. The string play was consistent and smooth. The vocals are the true key to this piece as it progresses. Very well done mate. Cheers
It's a shame we don't have a talent like you at the SMS Project :(
Comment Written by Kakalaki Kid on 10-Nov-2015
Read and reviewed with blinders on.

The Red Umbrella by Freedom

Hello mate, it's been a while. I really enjoyed this piece, the string tone and key harmony is very gripping and the key play at the midway was very compelling and impassionate through it's mastery. You truly are a gifted composer.
It's a shame we did not get a Christmas piece from you for The SMS Project, I feel like the people of the world are being robbed of your talent. I really pray you change your mind and submit a Christmas piece for the sick and dying. As a fellow sick and dying musician, I feel your compositions in my soul. And I feel that all who listen to your music shall be touched in the same manor. God has blessed you with such a majestic gift of angelic communication. I beg of you to shall that with his dying angels of this world.
Please don't hold this against me mate, I respect your decision if you chose not to submit a piece as well, but at the same time I feel like I would be letting you and our members down, if i didn't try with all my might to get you to submit. :)
But either way I consider you a mate and musical colleague. I pray your family is well and strong in their love for each other. Cheers mate hope to hear, no I pray to hear from you very soon.
Comment Written by Kakalaki Kid on 10-Nov-2015

Inflammable October, Op 113 by Edward Schaffer

Hey there this is a very well structured piece, love the consistency of your flow.. it shows great control and training. I quite enjoyed this, though I wasn't sure if it was truly played or electrical.. Just because it seems rather flawless in it's efforts. And as a fellow horn player, you tend to hear some breaks or fades or mid pushes.. But this is good regardless. Cheers
Comment Written by Kakalaki Kid on 02-Nov-2015
Read and reviewed with blinders on.

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