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Only Me by Tourmiz Aleteng

Lyrics are great, music is beautiful. I imagine this song will be on the airways soon. Mixing and mastering is professionally done.

A definite 5 star song for me! Great job guys!

Comment Written by samasoni on 31-Dec-2016

Wasted by faustio

What a nice sounding song. It is pleasant to listen to and I love the live guitars and solos- nicely done. Vocals are very appropriate for this song. This song has a nice dated feel to it. It has that beautiful aura to it like the Hollies' "Too young to be married". Great job folks!
Comment Written by samasoni on 31-Dec-2016


You aced it with creativity. It's nice to finally hear new and innovative music coming out of fan music.

I have nothing more to add to such a unique and creative piece of music.

I suggest you gather your friends around and get a press release of the launching of your song, invite some v.I.P.'S to talk about your song- drop the price of your song on this launching day as a new entry into the market, now that is a good start for you... who knows we'll probably hear it on the popular radio stations tomorrow! What wonderful gifts you have and thanks for sharing it with us.
Comment Written by samasoni on 30-Nov-2016


Very nice! I love the clarity of your vocals. Nice crisp sound. Your song is unique in that it takes us one way and end up going a very different direction and yet your guitar and vocals continues to lull the listener with mystique and an aura of attraction. Great job doing exactly what the name of the song is-"Just me & my guitar"
Would love to hear a fuller version of it if you ever decide to venture out that direction. Overall you did a great job on this magical piece of work.
Comment Written by samasoni on 29-Nov-2016

A stroll in 4D by musicman

Well done! I like the Rhodes sound and the guitar which is pretty common for this type of easy listening jazz. Great dinner type music. Now i would suggest jazzing it up with a little sax solo but that's just me. Overall you've done a wonderful piece of work. Keep at it friend- it's good stuff.
Comment Written by samasoni on 26-Nov-2016

You Remain

Beautiful voice. I can feel your aura. Great job putting your heart and soul into your music. Excellent music! Nice transition to a higher note.
You've done a great job in lyrical content, performance from the picture painted from hearing your voice and music.
Keep on going you're hitting the high marks!
Comment Written by samasoni on 26-Nov-2016
Read and reviewed with blinders on.

Rock Me

Very good rock feel to it. Nice vocals. Good guitar playing.
Almost got that "SUZI Q" feel to it. Nicely done.

Now let's see if we can get a full recording with all the trimmings- I bet it would be an even greater song!

Great job overall pal. Love to hear more of your talent.
Comment Written by samasoni on 28-Feb-2016
Read and reviewed with blinders on.

Freedom by Danarg

Very soothing. Nice feel of your instrumentation. Very nice indeed. I can actually picture the whales and their migration, travels and enjoying their freedom. Great job friend!
Comment Written by samasoni on 28-Feb-2016

I'm So Glad It's Christmas by Loyd C. Taylor, Sr.

What a wonderful Christmas Song. I can actually feel the snow falling and the Christmas spirit in the air. Very nice vocals.
Lyrics are perfect for the song. Nice instrumentation- overall a great job! Merry Christmas to you too! Thanks for the wonderful song.
Comment Written by samasoni on 17-Dec-2015
Read and reviewed with blinders on.

Waiting For Santa Claus

Great song! I like the lyrics and the feel of the whole song. You have a wonderful voice. The music and instrumentation is great! This song is a new flavor for this Christmas. Thanks for the listen. And...Merry Christmas to you while waiting for Santa Claus.
Comment Written by samasoni on 17-Dec-2015
Read and reviewed with blinders on.

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