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little man by 60sguru

Now 60sguru I can feel you and what you trying to do. At the intro I would start with chorus and deliver my verses a little strong but mild with a little more emotion. I hope the four stars don't discourage you. I like what you doing so show more confidence and power in your vocals.
Comment Written by marsstars on 06-Oct-2015

Never Enough by AugustWillDecay

No dynamics. To me it was like a run on sentence. From my limited experience with rock music that song performance and lyrical delivery is not the quality expected from a talented artists previous work. Actually it sounded like my high school friend in the in 1974 that thought he could play the guitar and sing in 3 weeks. Don't start choppin up my work because I was honest. It sounded like a rush job.You Must be patient with your creative juice because it's good. Don't be a star that shine by making others dull.
Comment Written by marsstars on 03-Oct-2015

In A Summers Garden by Kerri Powles

Beautiful arrangement.The Melody reflected the title and the performance revealed a incredibly talented artist.
Comment Written by marsstars on 27-Sep-2015
Read and reviewed with blinders on.

The Reasons by AugustWillDecay

In all honesty this song is of 4 star quality. But momentum is everything. A artistic genius like yourself must realize the curb of improvement comes so fast that Patient in the new songs is mandatory to insure the same results and attention that the previous songs received. Instead of becoming easy it becomes more complicated baking a cake, that you have the ingredients it take, the tools to make, it can be good or a stomach ache.
Comment Written by marsstars on 23-Sep-2015

Two Loves by Wallace

I was not captured at the beginning of the song. Even though I am not and instrumentalists, it is not hard to tell a gifted musician with no limits on creativity or potential. Good work I enjoyed it!
Comment Written by marsstars on 23-Sep-2015
Read and reviewed with blinders on.

Powder Shell by AugustWillDecay

I have to give up the six stars because after reviewing your music. In the pop rock category your lyrical ability is second to none. You support your message with continuity and a boldness that's genuine. Your instrumental solos are solid so I would try to make the chorus easy to sing along with, to capture and keep those undecided ears.
Comment Written by marsstars on 18-Sep-2015

You Broke It Off by AugustWillDecay

Very creative, unique song. The lyric are captivating with dynamic message that can every listener's imagination. Your lyric are strong enough to shorten the verses so the exceptional parts of the verse can marinate in the listener's ears.
Comment Written by marsstars on 18-Sep-2015

Autumn by ThePerfectBalance

Prefect Balance , you got the prefect balance. The melody is fantastic and you present the song with authority something most artist would pay for. This is a great instrumental. I am so very impressed with your flavor and artist in the pop rock category should adopt your blazing delivery.
Comment Written by marsstars on 17-Sep-2015

You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet by Loyd C. Taylor, Sr.

You pulled off that oldie and goodie sound. And kept the storyline though out the song, which is a credit to your lyrics. Good work but you should attack your lyric with more energy and confidence because they are second to none.
Comment Written by marsstars on 15-Sep-2015
Read and reviewed with blinders on.

Careful What You Wish For by StevenK

Man you got skills, This song shows your versatility in a impressive way. Keep this type of work up. Another six stars would be a little to generous but the song is definitely deserving.
Comment Written by marsstars on 15-Sep-2015

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