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bryan taylor

An Old Mans Song

yes-there is the promise of the young
as only young once we can be
but their is the wisdom gained behind a life well lived
as you and yours have obtained...
and many more years of a life well lived.

Comment Written by bryan taylor on 01-Oct-2017
Read and reviewed with blinders on.

A Way of Life by Wallace

That's my house...well any way the music has superb movement. very well w excellent counterpoint among the various instrumentation employed.did u critically study music? Any way very well done.come visit me anytime. Bryan
Comment Written by bryan taylor on 09-Sep-2017

Just To Be With You by Instrumentalist66

air play
excellent changes
kenny g over-rated
excellent arrangement
i dont give a six easily
well well done

this is one of the best jazz-love songs i have ever listened too

Comment Written by bryan taylor on 23-Mar-2016

Sitamma andalu by sowjimusic2

you have excellent pitch
as you have excellent control of tones
lets hear what you sound like when you go into a sound studio

take care
Comment Written by bryan taylor on 16-Mar-2016

Not of this world by philt

very-very well done. both melody,chorus and bridge are solid. sound-track material. excellent mix and counterpoint w/the bass.

Comment Written by bryan taylor on 19-Sep-2015

Casanova by Kerri Powles

one is emptied as then
one is found
the passing of intimacy-the hurt and pain only to lead to
the allure and then the want,the dreams-then the fulfillment of desires undirected and unbridled -save for the fulfilment of god's greatest gift-the need to surrender to the vulnerability of wanting-embracing the very being with someone else-hopefully a life time and beyond.
take care

Comment Written by bryan taylor on 11-Aug-2015

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