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A night with you by whoman beenz

Excellent! Great performance. That guitar is lean, and mean, and very soulful. Needless to say... I like it!
Comment Written by Buzzi on 12-Jan-2015

Rumours of Glory by Dazeofgrace

I like the uniqueness of your style. Your lyrics are presented in a different manner that catches the ear, and your music complements the entire production. Nice work.
Comment Written by Buzzi on 09-Jan-2015

Dirty Tricks by PaulAndreas

You are an exceptional writer, and artist. Your originality is amazing. Personally, I haven't heard anything that sounds like what you are doing.
Comment Written by Buzzi on 09-Jan-2015

How lovely is your dwelling place by John David Coupland
Chapter 8 of the book Christian praise

Very well done. The music is professionally rendered, the vocals adequate, and the message is of course indisputable.
Good work!
Comment Written by Buzzi on 09-Jan-2015

Home by PaulAndreas

Excellent work. I am unable to find anything negative about this song. Very well done and professional. The music, vocals, and arrangement are first rate.
Comment Written by Buzzi on 09-Jan-2015

Flying Snow by Dustybones

I like it a lot. I wish I could play guitar. I like your lyrics.They are very believable.(I also agree with your philosophy about music, and the fact that is's a way of being.) Never stop playing "DustyBones!"
Comment Written by Buzzi on 07-Jan-2015

Dance from the mountain by Freedom

My first thoughts about this song were of the impressions that were made on me because of the complexity of its parts. Your musicianship rushes to the forefront and demands respect for your craftsmanship. Well done!
Comment Written by Buzzi on 31-Dec-2014

Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely by TXTroubador

I like the lyrics of this song. It is very melodic, well arranged and presented. You have done a good job in achieving the effect that you seem to be striving for. Good work.
Comment Written by Buzzi on 22-Dec-2014

Sunset by Freedom

This is a very mellow song which captures the beauty of a picturesque sunset; while at the same time, it it has such a calming effect that it's almost medicinal. If I were a doctor, I would prescribe is as a relief for stress.
Comment Written by Buzzi on 22-Dec-2014

Rainy Day Blues by Kerri Powles

This song is so mellow. Made for relaxing or a cozy slow dance. The entire rhythm section sounds very professional. Especially the saxaphone and piano. Very enjoyable!
Comment Written by Buzzi on 20-Dec-2014
Read and reviewed with blinders on.

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