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Insu Piano by Philip Shin

I enjoyed the melodies here and the the chord progressions were pleasing. Some slight hesitations in the playing, though this didn't spoil my enjoyment of the piece. Perhaps a little too much use of the sustain pedal?
Comment Written by Wallace on 23-Mar-2017

Just Walk Away by bryan taylor

Great energy and drive - a relentless rock rhythm. I enjoyed the guitar work a lot. This sounds like professional stuff. The mix was good and there was plenty of musical variety to keep the piece interesting. Great work!
Comment Written by Wallace on 23-Mar-2017

Watch Me by Dualsrecords

Really creative ideas in this. The focus is certainly on the lyrics, though the music works well beneath them. The opening was clever, I thought and set the scene for what follows. At times, I felt you really had too many words to fit into your rhythm and this could have been solved by a little editing. I'm not saying I could have done this....
The ending was very abrupt - maybe this was intentional though.
Comment Written by Wallace on 23-Mar-2017

The Promise by stinger25

The perfect 'wedding song'. The voice is pleasing and has a lovely sincerity. The accompaniment supports the song beautifully. This is a really professional piece of work, which I admire. I felt a little deprived of a second verse, which might have developed your theme a little - but the repeats following the middle eight work well.
Comment Written by Wallace on 23-Mar-2017

Melinda (instrumental)

This is an interesting atmospheric piece. I felt the music fitted very well with the chosen picture. It had a timelessness evoked well by the combination of the various instruments. I could easily imagine it working well in a documentary.
Comment Written by Wallace on 23-Mar-2017
Read and reviewed with blinders on.

Acting Like Tourists by Ray Brookes

Great lyrics and lovely 'folk' backing for the voice. This is well written both in words and music. I could listen to a lot of your work. Thank you for posting it. I really like your finger picking guitar style.
Comment Written by Wallace on 01-Mar-2017

Caught In The Act by Ray Brookes

Great rhythmic music and blues chord sequence. This is nicely arranged. Good use of the various instruments and the voice is clear and good to listen to. I really enjoyed the instrumental section.Lovely work.
Comment Written by Wallace on 01-Mar-2017

Cause Of Me by BeRufOnFeedback

A great opening - good rhythm - liked the words and atmosphere of this track. Bleeps were interesting and gave an unsettling effect. Clever stuff.
Comment Written by Wallace on 04-Feb-2017

Word Challenge by Colin Thomson

Great lively opening with nice rhythmic effects. I liked the way you built the sounds into a pleasing weave of sound. Very well mixed - a good listen.
Comment Written by Wallace on 04-Feb-2017

Fly me by thefuse

Nice opening with guitar then build up of sound before the voice entry. The 'Fly me' moment was explosive and exciting. Good lyrics. I enjoyed this song - very professional work in my opinion.
Comment Written by Wallace on 04-Feb-2017

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