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Love and rain by Freedom

Very well done. Not my genre we'll say but, I do listen on occasion to classical etc. Not sure why this is labeled new wave when reviewing but? Either way, the song held my attention all the way through and the parts were each in their own way, interesting. I don't see a time label but, about two thirds through behind what I believe was a solo cello, there was an interesting back rhythm that I liked. Great song and a captivating progression. I can comment on no flaws. Happy holidays.

One question.... Did the Love or the Rain win out in the end? Not sure if there is meant to be a struggle there at all but, the end seemed uplifting so, I imagine the love continues while the rain recedes. Music inspires all differently so, I guess it really doesn't matter. Well done and fantastic artwork for the song. :)
Comment Written by DeaconCross on 25-Dec-2014

Summer Rain by Soundman

I totally don't get it. Why the stops and restarts. Sounds like there is something wrong with either the player or your upload. This makes no sense to me and seems as if it has no direction. What does it mean is the first thing I asked myself. Songs should have meaning. If there is a meaning, please let me know because I understand a musicians desire to add his or her own experiences into their music. Help me understand.

You have in your lyrics section "That is also a part of a buzzer. Rain can release enormous energies and represent the opposite of what one is used to from the sun." I went to your profile looking for a song with the name buzzer but found none. I am sorry but, this left me totally confused.
Comment Written by DeaconCross on 14-Aug-2014

economy down by stranger

I really like this. For a young man, your eyes are wide open. More people need to pay attention. I found nothing in the song I could say I didn't like. It is well done and your vocals are solid. You have a great future in RAP. Your topic is what makes the song great. Most RAP songs I have heard here follow the gang violence attitude whereas you are speaking of real life issues. A song should ALWAYS be about your feelings and you do a great job. Keep rapping about topics like this and you will succeed. Thank you.

Sincerely, Deacon Cross
Comment Written by DeaconCross on 14-Aug-2014

Calamity by Sky1

Vey well done. Had me doing a dance in my chair. Professional production and your vocals are strong. Right on :) don't change a thing. Very cool and energetic song. Ready for the mainstream. Keep up the great work.
Comment Written by DeaconCross on 14-Aug-2014

Dat ibaa boi music by mrface2face

Your song did not play. Sorry. I went to your profile and clicked it figuring that might fix it and, refreshed the page. Nothing. Perhaps re-upload or contact the site. I can't give you a review if I can't hear it. I was going to make this short and sweet but they don't like short comments and I thought you should know. Maybe just a hiccup in the site. I gave you three stars anyway because I don't want to hurt your rankings if it is not your fault.
Comment Written by DeaconCross on 14-Aug-2014

The Key by Rick Reynolds

I like the song. I definitely like what it is about but, I think you don't appreciate your voice enough. I would have like to have heard a more clean voice instead of the heavy effect which takes away from your voice instead of helping.

The rhythm is solid and makes sense when I can hear it but, the lead (melody) drowns it out. I do like the arpeggios in the lead and the lead work is not overdone.

Not sure but, seems like you may be using a drum machine and I think the drums need to accent more on the changes like you see in rock. That would give more attitude and flair and help you transition better. Right now, the song relies on vocals alone to make that change.. Example would be after the word free.

Something like da da da da da crash! or similar. Funny I know but trying to get the point across.

Also, it seems you have trouble with "shinin' down on her" which you go a little high. I would try changing that to "shining down on her" this would help your vocals stay more steady for the whole "shinin'" abbreviation makes you say "in" which is the problem I think. If you used "Shining" as it would give you an e or "eeeng" sound, that I believe would be better suited for your vocals.

I would start by going much cleaner with the vocals and turning up the rhythm so it does not lose it's merit in the song and turn down the effects globally. You can sing.. you don't need so many effects.

PS, I am not one of those guys that just over star stuff because I don't want to hurt your feelings. I have heard a few songs that never should have gotten three stars yet ranked at 5. If we were 5 star musicians already, we would be signed. While new to this site, this is not my first rodeo with online music reviewing. Used to do it on a few other sites when I was more active with my music. Good song. Keep working. :)
Comment Written by DeaconCross on 14-Aug-2014

Chilling In Ma Hood by emkay banks by emkay banks

OK, this I liked. I immediately started tapping. I normally don't listen to his kind of music but, If I was to visit someone who had it on, I would not tell them to turn it off. The content of the song is respectable and the production is well done. This song seems like it is already professional and I would not be shocked to hear it in a club on Friday night. Well done.
Comment Written by DeaconCross on 14-Aug-2014

Holy Rap by prince maximo mayumb

Sorry but barely made it through the first 20 seconds on first attempt. Nigga is said way too many times and Holy Rap the same. I am not a rap fan but I do appreciate talent in any genre.

My suggestion would to find other words that might fit that rhyme with rap instead of always saying holy rap try holy crap to mix it up. ig.. you drove this brother crazy.. holy crap :)

I know the word nigga is popular street slang but too much prominence and takes the attention away from the other lyrics which I have a hard time hearing most of the time.

This song because of that, seems like follow the leader while I like (even in the rap genre when I do listen),as do many, to hear those who do their own thing.

This is the reason Snoop and Eminem were so successful.

On that note, the beat is pretty cool for the most part. I do like the chorus vocals but possibly add some base to the leads voice. He is a little too high which is fine but, the contrast I think is a little too noticeable. Things do seem to improve in the second half even though I can't understand a thing he is saying.

Not trying to be mean just realistic. Look outside the box.
Comment Written by DeaconCross on 14-Aug-2014
Read and reviewed with blinders on.

Time Marches On by Scott Harvey

You definitely capture the Beetles style but, I also hear a Roger Waters influence mostly in the vocals but, the music also. Great song, I am going to listen again. My brother would love this. Beatles fanatic. Very interesting. :)
Comment Written by DeaconCross on 14-Aug-2014

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