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revisiting the past by Ray Brookes

This song would make a great movie song. Melodic, Moody, Heartfelt, Honest, Ambient and Sweet. WOW! This Artist needs to be selling these songs for a living and getting paid big to do it. I do not normally gush but I am really impressed with this.
Comment Written by Guitarmanorama on 15-Jul-2014

Bleeding Dry by Beate

I am sorry but the song is a huge cliché and formulaic. I felt like I heard 100 other songs just like it but only better. The vocals are pitchy and the lyrics practically inaudible. I know this is brutally honest but I can only write what I think. Better luck with the next one.
Comment Written by Guitarmanorama on 15-Jul-2014

You'll Come My Way by Tommy Short Songs

Sounds beatleish especially like George Harrison. I like the vibe and the vocal harmonies. Good imagination! Real cool sound but right before you go into the bridge where you sing "Hope you come my way" try singing that line higher instead of lower. THAT line needs a catchy uplifting sound like you want her to "Come your way"! Good job!!
Comment Written by Guitarmanorama on 15-Jul-2014
Read and reviewed with blinders on.

Something For Me by whoman beenz

I like the music, melody and lyrics! In a way the singer made me think of Mark Knopfler. All the breaks are in the right place. The bridge is solid and the rhythm is good! I am not sure if it needs the lead Guitar. It is very good but solos are out these days. Great song guys!!!
Comment Written by Guitarmanorama on 15-Jul-2014

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