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What Do I Tell My Heart by Matthew Temple

You dug my heart through your voice,it's a heart touching song. I can say that this really came from your real life experience. Words were written by the heart, sang by your heart and felt by my heart. You were in the world of your heart trying to recover from the wounds made from the girlyou love. Nice one!
Comment Written by #numbersign3 on 29-Mar-2014

Strength in the Wind by Dianna Paige

You made my body dance when I heard the tune in the very beginning hehe. What a soft music you got here. Nice, also the picture suits the music, it was like moving in my mind while listening to your song. The lyrics were great but it would be nicer if you made it longer. Clear utterance of the words with your voice would be the 2nd thing I would say. You got a soft voice, just make it clearer to be heard. But all in all, GREAT! :) Keep it up! More music from you will be expected from me.
Comment Written by #numbersign3 on 29-Mar-2014
Read and reviewed with blinders on.

3 Street by dhentosh

I like the tune. Great voice, your heart was in the song :) It would be nicer if you put the lyrics :D hehe. The picture fits perfectly to the song you're singing.
Comment Written by #numbersign3 on 02-Feb-2014

A Child by Matthew Temple

The singer, an experienced person conveying his tearful and sad past life experience to a boy presently in agony of what the singer has already experienced, builds realizations in the listener's minds about their childhood days :) Common kid's song and your own composed song mixed together has a very catchy sound. The integration of it was great, I can feel the sadness or the emotions you desired that the listener's to feel and express :) You brought back the listeners to their childhood years and as the song ended, the listener's senses are slowly recovering too :)
Comment Written by #numbersign3 on 02-Feb-2014

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