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Matthew Temple

Old Guitar by dbsoares

It has been way to long since I have heard the spoken word in a song. This is the kind of folk music I always loved. Music and poetry for it's own sake. Your melodies are really great. They are peaceful and a few minuets of peace is often hard to come by.
Comment Written by Matthew Temple on 25-Jan-2014

Forever by dbsoares

This is a very gentle song. I really like the guitar work, the melody is beautiful. You have such a sweet voice. The content of your poetry is very good but your phrasing is a little inconsistent. That causes a break in the the bond between the lyrics and the melody. Writing the poetry with just the right number of syllables to fit the melody is one of the biggest challenges we face as songwriters. This is such a wonderful song and if you could work out that flow it would be amazing...
Comment Written by Matthew Temple on 25-Jan-2014

Hellcat by John David Coupland
Chapter 3 of the book Warbirds

This is a sweet listen... the guitar work is crisp and clean. The melody has a nice flow. It's not as twangy as Duane Eddy more like the Ventures. It seems a bit mellow for a song entitled Warbirds. I expected something far more aggressive. But that aside, I didn't stop listing because by any name this is really good music!!
Comment Written by Matthew Temple on 24-Jan-2014

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