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He who dwells in the shelter Ps91 by John David Coupland
Chapter 10 of the book Christian praise

I liked the production it has good clarity and mix. The vocals are also not too bad either. The song I felt has and old Irish folk element to it nice. Good easy acoustic work. I do find the lyrics could use some tweaking with a broader spectrum of peoples understanding. It mentions nothing of forgiveness and joy. I write songs also in the same vain sometimes. Over all I did like it but felt unsatisfied with the conclusion of the story etc. Good effort keep it up. Thank you for the music.
Comment Written by Gazza on 11-Dec-2013

Grown Up Girl by BobbiWilson

Even though I'm not too keen on Jazz the lead vocals are good nice tone! Production is good as well as the mixing and mastering no fault there. The lyrics could use more substance there doesn't seem to be a direct point to them apart from getting tossed around with no real conclusion. It's good you kept the lyrics to a minimum. If you're going to do that you need to be more constructive and concise with the theme. Over all it's good as a production but needs a better way of telling the story lyrically. That's my only concern. Thank you for the music.
Comment Written by Gazza on 11-Dec-2013

No Work by Senatorucheo

The production is cool arrangement is cool but needs more balance and contrast. Vocals are ok but it's not singing in the sense of the word. even though it's not my kind of music I do find the story line leaves a bit to be desired the lyrics seem to be all over the place leaving the listener scratching their head in confusion I feel the words need more clarity and meaning. Thanks for the music.
Comment Written by Gazza on 11-Dec-2013

What Should've Been by dhentosh

I get the picture as far as the theme is concerned but I felt with just a small tweak with a couple words near the end of what seems to be the bridge which has a nice little transition. Lyrically I liked it. The intro felt good but I did think I was going to hear something a bit heavier. Then it felt like a Pink Floyd number cool! Arrangement was ok nice little twin lead guitar going on there but could have had a slight touch of distortion. Liked your vocals and BV's. Good tone. Cool little number I enjoyed it. But could use a little tweaking. Thank you for the music.
Comment Written by Gazza on 03-Dec-2013

A Train by Casstevens

You might have recorded it using S/software but you still had to arrange it to give it structure as well as a vocal melody etc. It's takes time and effort. I did feel like I was left hanging when it came to the story or theme it took me on a journey but did not bring me back. I got the feeling it was a train ride from freak city. I felt lyrics need more substance rather the mystery. I was only able to hear the 1st 30sec of the song. You got a hook there at the start cool! I liked the intro. Reminded me of ''we too'' by LRB. Your voice is good. Liked your tone. Sample too short thus the reason for my ranking. Thank you for the music. What's the A train?
Comment Written by Gazza on 02-Dec-2013

For All The Things You Do by dbsoares

Good vocals nice tone. Reminded of Brian Ferry, Go West feel. I do feel the Lyrics are a little too easy and could use some changers as I feel it's more of a child's movie theme song rather than an adults tribute song. The arrangement is not too bad. Nice easy listening song. I liked it. Thank you for the music.
Comment Written by Gazza on 01-Dec-2013

Cauz' You're Made That Way by dbsoares

Lovely vocals nice controlled tone. I was expecting to hear the higher register though, I felt a little let down. Reminded me of James Ingram even a little Smokey Robinson. Has that cruise ship feel, cabaret atmosphere etc. Nice key change into the bridge. Song has a good little structure and arrangement. I do feel the lyrics could use some changing as the do repeat. I did enjoy it! and liked the vocals. I do think with some changers would be a better song. Thank you for the music.
Comment Written by Gazza on 01-Dec-2013
Read and reviewed with blinders on.

I Am The Beast by dhentosh

Cool track. Good vocals, guitars, bass N drums and good arrangement. This song has hit potential! I can hear it in a movie, tv etc.. Good song structure and theme. Good mix, intro and feel great progressions. Well done boys! I really liked it! Thank you for the music.
Comment Written by Gazza on 30-Nov-2013

I Won't Cry by Tarkhenna

Nice lead vocals & bv's great tone and control. Your voice needs a signature song. I believe it's not the singer who finds THE song but THE song who finds that singer. Great voice! I did feel several lyric changers could done. The arrangement and structure is fine for what it is. I do feel a christen gospel element to the song. I was expecting a lead break after the bridge. So I did feel a little let down. The whole track did come through punchy on the brink of distortion. Sounds like too much master volume. With some changers could be better as a song but I did like it. Thank you for the music.
Comment Written by Gazza on 30-Nov-2013
Read and reviewed with blinders on.

lau lau spening by soji taiwo

Not my kind of music. But I did enjoy it. The vocals tracks are I feel bit over done with the FX. Sounds like auto tune. I find the only trouble with this style of music is that it all starts to sound the same in this kind of genre and becomes what I call factory music. But it's all about originality I guess. Could do with some mastering. Thank you for the music.
Comment Written by Gazza on 30-Nov-2013

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