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Scott Harvey

Alright by lfranchi

Very nice! It has a very professional sound. I couldn't find anything that sounded out of place. Only positives. Although it's certainly a different tune, it reminded me of the "Friends" theme. Great job!
Comment Written by Scott Harvey on 21-Aug-2016

Only Reason by lfranchi

Really nice! I enjoyed this a lot. A little Ramones, a little Nick Lowe. Good lyrics. Good diversity in sound. The only thing I would have done differently (not that I'm right about this) is, I would have added harmonies in the chorus. Loved it!
Comment Written by Scott Harvey on 19-Aug-2016

Fais Do Do on I - 49

Well, well. You caught my ear. I loved this. Waaay cool! I look forward to hearing more. I'm not sure I would call it rock, but I don't care. I loved it. Psychadelic southern jamming! That's what I call it. Thanks for posting it and I hope you stick around. I'm an NRBQ fan, an Allman Bros. fan, a Little Feat Fan, and you cover all that ground well. Keep going!
Comment Written by Scott Harvey on 16-Aug-2016
Read and reviewed with blinders on.

The Sing Along Song by Musa Mashiane

Very nice vocals. The guitar is fine and doesn't get in the way. The recording quality was pretty good, but I seemed to hear a hiss. One thought - since it's implied that people should sing along, you probably should post the lyrics and translation, if necessary. Very nice and spiritual. I love the layered vocals.
Comment Written by Scott Harvey on 16-Aug-2016

Come On Over Here

Nice song. A little bit dated, but that goes with the territory of being a 50's song! The vocals were nice. The sax was nice. The guitar was good at times, but fell out of key at times. Overall, good effort.
Comment Written by Scott Harvey on 13-Aug-2016
Read and reviewed with blinders on.

It's Just An Art Form Edit #3 by Noah_Ohne

Nice! There's a lot going on here. I like the panning in the intro and how the bright keyboards cut right through the mix. I prefer a little more natural (less synth) bass than you, but it does work here. Your vocals are always excellent and it seems like you've been rapping for a long time (not the first time). I also prefer melodic rapping to just rapping, so thank you for doing it right (imo)! I like, and agree, with the message you put forth. Cool Tull reference and much of the song is in the Tull style. Sly lyrics at the end. Nice change of time at the end and the electric guitar sounds great and leaves me wanting more. Thanks for an excellent musical and intellectual ride!
Comment Written by Scott Harvey on 15-May-2016

track 3 by bryan taylor

Your guitar playing is brilliant. It's way too good for this site and it's way too good for playing in a bar band. It's incredible. Just great. I'm not sure what you're looking for from this site or from a musical career. I feel (and I believe that I'm qualified to comment as a progressive guitar band lover) that this tune needs a little more of a natural flow that is a little closer to "hummable." In other words, a little more accessible or pop. I'm not saying it needs to be what we used to call "top 40," but it felt a little disjointed. Most of your songs don't feel this way to me. I'm still giving you a six because your playing is over-the-top great. Maybe you don't care, but I would ask you what you want out of the music business. I think you can get whatever you want.
Comment Written by Scott Harvey on 05-May-2016

Sunrise by Freedom

Your style is instantly recognizable to me, but I still can never tell which direction your songs will go as I listen. You always keep it interesting and exciting. I loved the somewhat Irish feel in parts and I really like the rhythmic change in the last third of the song. Brilliant as always.
Comment Written by Scott Harvey on 26-Apr-2016

The Woman You Love by Ray Brookes

So happy to see you back on this site. Brilliant lyrics and I love your vocals, as always. I was (and am) a Seals & Crofts fan, which your vocals remind me of. Such a great feel to this one. Nice progression. So good. The bass backs up the melody in a nice way. There are only a couple of other artists that I enjoy nearly as much. You really inspire me.
Comment Written by Scott Harvey on 12-Mar-2016

Pure love by balajiram

Very nice! Reminiscent of the Ventures. I really enjoyed it and thank you for posting this on fanmusic. Well done, and please continue to post your music.
Comment Written by Scott Harvey on 01-Mar-2016
Read and reviewed with blinders on.

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