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Scott Harvey

Discussions Of Time

I always love the starts and stops (Tull, Yes). It's clear that a lot of thought went into this. The drum sounds a bit thin to me (only negative). Love the piano. Love when the bass plays along with melody. I wish it was longer! Well done!
Comment Written by Scott Harvey on 19-Nov-2016
Read and reviewed with blinders on.

Time to _____! by musicman

Really loved this! Maybe a little Vince Guaraldi-like. This is one of the few recordings on this site that I would actually like to own. Top-notch!
Comment Written by Scott Harvey on 31-Oct-2016

Sunshine escaped by musicman

A very pleasant progression, and very well played. I don't feel that all instrumentals need a vocal, but imo, this needs one. Somehow, this reminds me of Christopher Cross (that's a good thing). I liked it a lot. I do think it either needs to be a little more complex or have vocals. But, very well done. I enjoyed it.
Comment Written by Scott Harvey on 29-Oct-2016

So Little Love by Allgirl

I really like this. The vocals are the best part, but I felt they were a little loud compared to the music, at least on my system. The guitar is a nice addition. I love the 60's vibe to the lyrics and music. Really well done. Congrats!
Comment Written by Scott Harvey on 04-Oct-2016

Stand Up by AIDYMAC

Very nice. The opening guitar made me think of George Harrison, the vocals and lyrics made me think of Graham Nash and CSN. You have a very strong/good voice. I would have liked to have seen a chorus that was a little more different than the verses. Really well done!
Comment Written by Scott Harvey on 02-Oct-2016

sunshine time

Very nice smooth jazz song. The acoustic guitar sounds fantastic. The recording quality and your ability are really outstanding. I would have made some different choices for other instrumentation, but that is not to say your choices were wrong. I didn't love the fade out at the end. I'm very impressed! Can't wait to hear more.
Comment Written by Scott Harvey on 25-Sep-2016
Read and reviewed with blinders on.

In Her Eyes by Ray Brookes

Exquisite guitar work. Talent plus recording knowledge equals bliss. I love it when the acoustic and the vocals switch to low gear. Nice, understated percussion. Good choice to add doubled (perhaps, tripled) vocals during the end of the chorus. Doors-like keyboard at the end is a nice change - you never let it get boring or redundant. Solid performance with a pretty melody and lyrics that don't let you go. Wonderful.
Comment Written by Scott Harvey on 19-Sep-2016

Hold on by AIDYMAC

I liked this. You have a very nice voice. The guitar sounded good. The tapping on a guitar (I think that's what it was) was very irritating and the track would be better off with out it, imo. It sounded thin and out of place, to me. Would like to see the lyrics printed. Nice.
Comment Written by Scott Harvey on 03-Sep-2016

I Look Around by Ray Brookes

Wow. Beautiful in every way. I could list all of the great things, but that's kind of pointless. Flawless. I wish I had written this and I wish I could perform like this. Congratulations. Loved it!
Comment Written by Scott Harvey on 29-Aug-2016

Mozambique by Ray Brookes

The guitar sounds wonderful. It rings very nicely. I love the background sounds, including the Knopler-esque guitar. Well-crafted lyrics, as usual. The only thing I noticed that was possibly wrong, was that on my system the vocals were too out front. They were great, but they were just loud in the mix (again, on my system). Another great tune!
Comment Written by Scott Harvey on 21-Aug-2016

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