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Scott Harvey

It's Your Birthday

Will talk to you more soon, but this is awesome. It reminds me of Harry Nilsson in style and Badfinger in vocals. Great job. I wish I had written this! Great!
Comment Written by Scott Harvey on 27-Aug-2017
Read and reviewed with blinders on.

You Don't See Me Edit #3 by Noah_Ohne

Very cool! I like all parts - verse, chorus and break. My favorite part is the break. It made me think of Rush - mostly because of the bass. I thought the drums sounded great. This is a little in the pop direction for you, and you did it well. Of course it's about as much pop as "The Whistler," i.e. prog/pop. And I did like the Tull reference. Well done, as always. That's what I expect and that's what you deliver. This makes me hungry for more of your new material. Thanks for sharing!
Comment Written by Scott Harvey on 24-Apr-2017

Home Back East Edit #6

This one has a little bit of an R & B groove. It's nice to hear you take chances with your vocal range. It sounds good. This has a definite 70's/80's feel to it. I like the keyboard solo. Really well done!
Comment Written by Scott Harvey on 30-Dec-2016
Read and reviewed with blinders on.

We don't See Them by faustio

Cool tune! I loved it. Somehow the guitar made me think of Eric Johnson. I loved the subject. The only negative would be that the ending was a little sudden. I really like this. Loved the cats and dogs line. Nice job!
Comment Written by Scott Harvey on 29-Dec-2016

Merry Christmas (Keep It Well) by Noah_Ohne

I like the prominent role of the bass on this. The keyboards sound great, as always. You mix up the instrumentation so well that the lack of a chorus isn't noticeable. There are some very nice instrumental breaks, though. In this time of divisiveness, it's good to hear a well-written, hopeful, and unifying song. Your vocal phrasing is very good, which is something I struggle with. You keep it interesting, instead of just singing the lines. Very nice!
Comment Written by Scott Harvey on 27-Dec-2016

A Dog's Day by Noah_Ohne

Great use of effects (or, are those your dogs!?). The organ sounds great and fits well. I think that's violin plucking I hear, not sure. Works though. As usual, you pick songs that suit your voice well. Obviously, this song is in the mode of "Another Christmas Song," by Tull. Nothing wrong with that! Your song is unique. I can tell that the guitar is real - thank you! The lyrics paint a vivid picture.

Favorite verse:
Reflection breaks, the dog howls
Returning from the places
That we've never been

Spoken words - straight out of "Passion Play," in style, that is. Love it. Really love this song. It's a little "busier" than I would choose to make it, but it certainly held my interest with all of the interweaving parts. Superbly done!
Comment Written by Scott Harvey on 27-Dec-2016

Springtime by musicman

I really loved this! I love smooth jazz! Metheney, Sanborn, Bob James, Grusin, Carlton, etc. Really a nice tune and well-produced. On my system at least, the bass was a tiny bit loud in the mix at the beginning. Only criticism I can think of. You used a great variety of instruments. All of them sounded authentic. Loved it!!!
Comment Written by Scott Harvey on 16-Dec-2016


I really liked this. The instrumentation reminded me of Seals & Crofts, one of my favorites. The vocals were very nice, both lead and background. The vocals made me think of the Nazz. Pretty melody. I thought the production could have been a tiny bit better. Really well done! Kudos for using mostly real instruments! Loved it!
Comment Written by Scott Harvey on 09-Dec-2016
Read and reviewed with blinders on.

Cops And Criminals by noahdh

Very nice! To me, it sounded like a blend of McCartney and 10cc. It sounded very professional. The keyboards sound great and the vocals were excellent! It would have been nice to see the lyrics. Great job!
Comment Written by Scott Harvey on 05-Dec-2016

How many times by Mistify 88

Nice! I was not overly impressed with the beginning. I thought it would be just another lame dance song. But, then it got interesting. I wouldn't have minded some more changes throughout the song, but I really enjoyed it. Good ending. Nice work!
Comment Written by Scott Harvey on 03-Dec-2016

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