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Casanova by Kerri Powles

Cool song, it's just that it would have to have real people playing the strings and various instruments for me to give a higher rating. I base music on the fact that if it sounds good, it is good, but there's a line that comes down to what music itself is. If it's just a machine doing the majority of instrument playing, then is it any different then listening to a good sounding motor rev up? -Cool sound, but is it music? -to some perhaps.Who am I to judge? I think you captured your intention well, and that shows musical talent, and a great use of the tools at hand.
Good job, and good luck! -Jeff
Comment Written by Buffroid on 14-May-2013
Read and reviewed with blinders on.

black moon by HarryQuin

Great production. Very soothing, and well put together. The only thing lacking was a beat change and vocals. I'm a big fan of instrumentals, so I didn't discredit anything for that, but the beat sounded too drum machiney in that there weren't many rolls, and pace changes. Keep up the good work! -Jeff
Comment Written by Buffroid on 14-May-2013


Cool sound, I just like a few more beat changes, and a little more groove with a melody. This song doesn't grab my memory, and stick in my head like the same song with a good melody would. -Buffroid
Comment Written by Buffroid on 13-May-2013

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