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Pavlos Azn

anything by flexomichael

That is really good, production and everything. I could play it in a club, actually. Not much to more to say, it is very good for this type of music. I just would not call it "classical"
Comment Written by Pavlos Azn on 14-May-2013

Casanova by Kerri Powles

The song is lovely, smooth and sentimental, really puts you in a romantic mood. The only thing I have to say (and I guess that is the drawback of using just one instrument) is that certain aspects of the music, such as the main melody and some of the harmony, are hard to make out sometimes. I know the answer to that has been mentioned before, but I really think that using live instruments will bring out a magnificence to your beautiful music. If you ever have the means, you should do it.
Comment Written by Pavlos Azn on 14-May-2013
Read and reviewed with blinders on.

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