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When I'm Gone by UglySunday

Good tune, man! Nice simple three chord rock, which is my favorite BTW. good emotion in the vocals. I like the reverb levels. It gives it an old 70's feel, like Three Dog Night. Consider a more stark change in the instrumentation between the verse and chorus. I can hear the change vocally, but the instrumentation leaves me wanting a different spice for a moment during the chorus if you know what I mean. Good tune though.
Comment Written by KoolestKids on 05-Jun-2013

Lorelei-scorpions by seantsy2

I like this song. It has a good hook. The composition is good. The singer is getting the general vocal melody across, but the voice needs more training to be able to keep the correct pitch and tone as well as word enunciation. The current vocalist is fine as a demo voice, but I can imagine this with a professional singer. Consider giving a pro a shot at this. The instrumentation is decent on this, as is the mix. It could stand a little tweaking here and there, but it's good demo quality. Consider removing or changing the sound of that midi guitar that jumps up and does that little riff. It's a bit grating on the ears. You have a good song here and I hope you continue to develop it. It's worth the effort, in my opinion.
Comment Written by KoolestKids on 05-Jun-2013

track 2 2010 by darknightcerberus

Good metal composition. I know it's all midi, but you put it together well and I can imagine it being performed by an actual band. It would be sick! I love the kick drum work and the "guitar solos."

Not sure what you used to create this, but if it is all done with midi, you should try to run it through some high-end systems with good midi instruments and see what this sounds like with more realistic instruments 'cuz really the only thing about this that bugs me a little is the midi sounding instruments. Nice piece! You didn't cheese out on any of the individual instruments. Good stuff.
Comment Written by KoolestKids on 05-Jun-2013

Life Saver by Ghost Black by ghostblack305

Nicely composed. Good smooth track. Love the backing vocals. Your message is good and it is presented well. Good mix. Some of the rhymes didn't quite "lock in." For example, trying to rhyme "God" with the word "heart" and pronouncing the word "heart" like you said "Hod" was a little rough. Another example is ending a line with the word "you' and then rhyming it with the word "you" again. These are no big deals, but I can imagine this song doing OK in the Christian music circuit and attention to these types of small details could make a difference. All in all a really good tune.
Comment Written by KoolestKids on 05-Jun-2013

I Remember You by Danarg

Love the little details throughout, like the flute that pipes up out of nowhere. I can hear the time you put into this coming through. It sounds like you are using a keyboard to produce the acoustic Spanish guitar sound, which is neat because you do this thing with rolling your fingers over the keys that sounds very close to an actual strum of guitar strings. The main hook of the song sticks well and I can imagine the title words of the song being sung over the melody... "I remem-ber you..." The moments of silence between changes was a little uncomfortable and made me check the player each time to see if the song had ended, but all-in-all I think this was composed, played and recorded very nicely.
Comment Written by KoolestKids on 05-Jun-2013

Dr. by coinstaresquire

Definitely creepy. You obtained the desired effect and affect. Obviously the topic you are touching on is a sensitive one and does not give people "good vibes" that is for sure. Music is art and I see what you are trying to do with this piece, but it does step over a certain line within me and made me cringe a little too much. The crying baby, the laughter and the comment at the end... Some might consider it a little too offensive and maybe even presented a little too one-sided. I can't fault you for pushing limits though, or for conjuring up emotions, even if nasty ones in people. Powerful art does that so good job in that aspect.
Comment Written by KoolestKids on 05-Jun-2013

Everything I am (for Rebekah) by Dazeofgrace

Beautiful instrumentals in the backing track. Good airy vocals. Some of your "S" sounds were a little harsh in the recording. Consider tapering down the high end on those to smooth and mellow them out.

This song reminds me a lot of some of Led Zeppelin's stuff. Nice lyrics. They paint the picture well. Especially love the lines, "Everything I am just fades away. Everything You are gets brighter every day." Those lyrics are well put and so true to be said about those who go on and those left behind. I do find myself searching, or wanting for something to better signify the change between verse and chorus. They both seem to ride the same wave. Nice song overall. Good luck with the contest!
Comment Written by KoolestKids on 23-May-2013
Read and reviewed with blinders on.

Green Skies. (Oklahoma) by whoman beenz

Cool of you to tribute to them that way. Nice job. Sounds sweet and clean. Sounds like the end of the storm.
Comment Written by KoolestKids on 23-May-2013

Dubstep Music - Biohazard by Pluvia Aeterna

Wow, that was crazy, man! You definitely captured the alarm sound and the feel of panic. You evoked the feeling of frantically running through tight, dark halls with flashing red lights and steaming pipes everywhere. Trying to escape...?
Some of the frequencies you chose were a little too harsh on the ears though. Some of the higher ones were like dog whistles and almost hurt a little. At times you had too many frequencies going on at once and it mudded things up, but it was nice when you came out of it so I get what you were doing there. I would love to hear this a little cleaner with the high end frequency tamed down a bit and some kickin' drum beats added to keep the listener aware of the underlying beat when things get crazy. Love the concept!
Comment Written by KoolestKids on 23-May-2013

BorderEye by Barry Moran

Very cool soundtrack. I edit and produce a lot of video, predominantly high-impact sports such as MMA. While listening to this I can picture various vehicles tearing through the sand in the Dakar Rally. At times the music slows and during those time I can picture editing in some slow-motion shots of vehicles jumping, or throwing waves of sand in a hard turn. The slow motion and the lighter music makes them look as graceful as swans. The music picks back up and so does the film speed and we suddenly see multiple vehicles heading straight for the camera, barely missing it and passing by with super speed. The lens is overcome with dust and the scene changes again. I'm telling you, man. You should start offering this stuff up for use in video production and whatnot.
Comment Written by KoolestKids on 21-May-2013

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