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People i love you by Jordan Mais

i couldnt determine who was saying -i love you-as some of the words are spoken quickly.maybe the ones that give the song guessing this is a christian song,,,and god is sayiong i love you...otherwise its enjoyable and done very well....
Comment Written by notoriuosnotes on 15-Apr-2013

Nothing Like Us by AlexisMonet

sweet piano...simple -but effective..voice--works well and is easy and enjoyable to listen to-lyrics..i thot they could be better if they ryhmed a little more-and were more profound-but the song works..if i was producing an album for u ,,i'd use this one
Comment Written by notoriuosnotes on 15-Apr-2013

Bird Of Prey by dwyattuk

theres no 3- half-the lyrics are a four or 4-half...great lyrics well..better than well .and the singing is just a little to structured but its ok..i like it all.
Comment Written by notoriuosnotes on 12-Apr-2013

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