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Conrad Little

Jazzin in G by philt

Hello Phil. I'm enjoying every second of this precious little short jam u've come up with. It kinda takes me back to the reflection mode n this is the part of music that truly touches a raw nerve somewhere deep within. I think that a slight intro with a short solo for 4-8bars just before u bring-in the beat, would've created a better/stronger feel for this track. Looking forward to more great tracks.
Comment Written by Conrad Little on 30-May-2013

slave ship by smithowain

Its a kool track wit tremendous potential.. The laid-back feel gives the listener an easy-listening good time.. N like u mentioned, if a rapper was introduced to drop a verse or 2, it would surely add more value to your track. If u need help on that, I have a rapper friend who can take this to new heights.. :-). Keep up the great music~
Comment Written by Conrad Little on 20-May-2013

All I ask by smithowain

Hey there.. Love this track. Excellent choice of sounds. The beat is nice. The blend of the overall sounds is done in good taste. Lastly, love the kool beat:-)
Comment Written by Conrad Little on 20-May-2013

Today by litacristallo

Hello.. This song is nice. I like the laid-back feel u have in your compositions.. The melody is slow, yet catchy.. It might be a lil simple, but, the true essence of music is well conceiled in simplicity, so as boring as it sounds intially, its actually not. When attached to something like a kool, repetitive(looped) beat. To the tune of hip-hop, this could be a HIT!!
Comment Written by Conrad Little on 20-May-2013

Wrong Side Of The Moon w/ lyrics by litacristallo

hey there.. I like your composition. It has the potential to become a full-fledged, great, well accepted track. Especially amongst the young. Adding more suitable sounds to your composition will only add more value to it. Maybe slow strings in the background and a bass-line. Keep at it.
Comment Written by Conrad Little on 18-May-2013

Can U Pheel It by GENOMIZER

Hello ther.. I like the overall sound of this track. It has something mysterious to it, while maintaining yo excellent dance groove. Love the beat! Love the originality.
Comment Written by Conrad Little on 18-May-2013

Di Hire - Baboo Dance (Audio) by dihireofficial

Hello there.. I like the groove of your song. Very infectious dance riff. The unpleasant parts come in when the levels change from time to time. The levels need to be consistent. Certain parts are louder causing me to lower the vol on my amp.. Keep at it. Hope to hear more great dance tracks.
Comment Written by Conrad Little on 18-May-2013

I'll Be Waiting by Music2Think

Hello guys.. I'm in love with this gem of a song u'll have created. An almost forgotten 'feel' in todays music world, the product of the 80's 90's n early 2000's combined into 1, forming a beautiful web of very Earthly yet, Divine material. From the lyrics till the last tone. ENJOYED!
Comment Written by Conrad Little on 01-May-2013

Don't Run Away From My Sad Song by dreambig

This one has a nice, moving rhythm and n its groove is timeless yet, relevant in todays music world. Meaning it can still turn heads n more importantly, move ya..
Comment Written by Conrad Little on 30-Apr-2013

Blame Games by dreambig

Hey there.. Love the feel of this song.. Its really groovy n the rhythms infectious. Was looking forward to a solo towards the end, but its ok. The idea's there..
Comment Written by Conrad Little on 30-Apr-2013

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