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The Magician (Now You See Me) by ThePhantom

This song is creepy... in a good way. You can almost see the action taking place. The vocals are eerie and the music behind it is very well structured.
Comment Written by ScottishSongbird on 21-Feb-2013

The History Of Time by freezerbeef

This song is amazing. I love the rhythm, the voice, the very classic sound - I could hear early Lennon in this voice. The changeups in the melody surprise me in a good way, and I like the description of the common man, here. No pretense, just very simple truth. And in its simplicity it reminds me of home. This is a lovely piece of work.
Comment Written by ScottishSongbird on 21-Feb-2013

What's your story? by Jayman77

Wow, I love the sound of this one, right from the beginning. The guitar effect(if that's what it is, it sounds almst flange-y) is very dark and intense. The change in the backround beat is good, too: it keeps the ear from getting bored behind the music. I would really love to hear some vocals with this one! It has that almost early Nirvana darknes and appeal to it. I'll look for more from this artist.
Comment Written by ScottishSongbird on 21-Feb-2013

Inside Your Heart by ThePhantom

This is one of the most poignant songs I've heard here. The exchange between voices, the soft but "there" musical accompaniment, and the switch between soprano and tenor that reflect against each other with a very similar melody.. this is a very emotionally powerful song.
Comment Written by ScottishSongbird on 21-Feb-2013

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