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Ronnie Gibson

CHILL HIGH-palmdrive jboi & lil uzi by palmdrive jboi

Very smooth track indeed. A very nice vibe coming from this piece of work. Your mello vocal style, along with your minimal use of music in the background make for a very cool, and smooth piece of groovy hip hop. You have a great way with the microphone. Overall this is produced, and performed oh so well. Love to hear much much more! Maybe a thicker drum track, but hey this is a gem of a song!
Comment Written by Ronnie Gibson on 17-Feb-2013

Could You Love Me Again by kirstencollinsmusic

Wow I have to say this is just an outstanding performance of a great radio friendly pop song. Everything about this track is very well polished indeed. From the vocals to the production to the music it's all so wonderfully done. This seems so radio ready it's just unreal. Great job on this one. I enjoyed the listen!
Comment Written by Ronnie Gibson on 17-Feb-2013

Remembrances by Vasim Musayev

Very nice track indeed! Love the intro, and the way everything just falls right into place. This has a Chris Isaak vibe to it that I rather enjoy a lot. The piece is produced rather well, and overall I'd say it's a gem of a song.
Comment Written by Ronnie Gibson on 16-Feb-2013

The Red Fluid - The Moment by Haris Secerovic

A very poetic piece of music indeed. This brings forth all kinds of epic scenes to the mind. A piece like this would work oh so very well in many types of media for sure. The solo string part fit in perfectly, as the production was nailed for sure. This was a delight to listen to. I know this was a demo, but I only wished it would have been longer for my listening ears. Very well done!
Comment Written by Ronnie Gibson on 15-Feb-2013

In the end (Not even a friend) by Jayman77

Very cool track indeed! Love the dark mood this projects. The bass drum is very unusual in it's pattern. The guitar sounds great in the mix. This would be great for TV or film. I didn't hear a bass guitar? Maybe it's there, and turned down very low volume wise. I think this would be great for a vocal track, I know what you meant about 8MB killing your songs with the sudden ending that came out of nowhere. Overall this is a really good track.
Comment Written by Ronnie Gibson on 13-Feb-2013

Queen Ajnosa by lcmmusikproductions

Very cool track indeed! There is so much I like about this piece of work. Love the use of reverb in the intro, as well as the minimal use of music backing the vocal. This is so much like a spoken poetry piece. Very well done!
Comment Written by Ronnie Gibson on 10-Feb-2013

A Revolution Of Music by Mazen M. Harb

A very fine track indeed! Very hypnotic in a lot of ways. Love the keyboard parts, and I love the way a few tracks are hard panned to each side. The guitar sounds great, and overall it's put together very well. Has a middle eastern vibe or something like that. It does not sound like a very expensive keyboard. Maybe I'm wrong, but hey this is a fine track for sure.
Comment Written by Ronnie Gibson on 09-Feb-2013

Pearl Harbor Day by Karlton Larmore

I think it's great you honor our people who have served. This is just such a garage mix. Why don't you post lyrics? Your voice is so drowned out in effects, and so far back in the mix there is no chance of hearing a word you say. The guitar sounds pretty good. Overall it's a great effort.
Comment Written by Ronnie Gibson on 09-Feb-2013

The Old Rugged Cross by Karlton Larmore

I like the blues style this track has. The guitars are played well, but they seem to be so loose in the performance. It's a rough recording with your vocal so far back in the mix that without the lyrics I really could not hear anything you were singing. Overall I am a lover of the blues, and the song has a deep tradition to it. Very good.
Comment Written by Ronnie Gibson on 09-Feb-2013

ya habiballah by alhaddad

A very nicely done track indeed. This song brings out emotions, and the music is almost haunting. A very well written piece of work for sure. All the instruments fall into place like a beautiful puzzle. I'd like to hear some thicker, louder percussion, but overall this is a gem of a song.
Comment Written by Ronnie Gibson on 09-Feb-2013

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