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whoman beenz

The Wanderer by Danarg

very very nice. your talent is far beyond that of a normal everyday musician. your choice of progression was awesome. it created a true feeling of a period piece. were all the different instruments live instruments or synth. doesn't really matter. it was a beautiful piece. and I loved it. had emotion, drama, dynamics, and melody. all that fit together perfectly. a awesome job to say the least.. I'm not a professional but I know music really well. and you should be doing both singing and playing for a living.. plus I'd really like to hear you sing don't believe I have yet.. AMAZING JOB.. INDEED
Comment Written by whoman beenz on 19-May-2014

Welcome to the Show by TalentgirlForever

awesome indeed. but I don't think your just a amateur musician jamming out in the garage. id say you had lots of professional assistance on this one.. definitely professionally recorded and mastered. did you write the music and lyrics? great song very sexy and full of energy and emotion. awesome dramatics in your voice and the melody was great to.. awesome indeed..
Comment Written by whoman beenz on 14-May-2014

Gotta Go, Go, Go by dhentosh

hey its so nice to hear real instrument digital or other wise, nice progression great vocal. and the production was awesome. love the message. great job. indeed. and fine job on the recording and mixing part also.. awesome
Comment Written by whoman beenz on 07-May-2014

Omerta by Kerri Powles

hey my friend we're back.. loved this piece amazing skill you have'' you can actually feel the dark emotion of the music. all I can think of is the God Father.. very nicely done.. it has character drama perfect phrasing and emotion awesome
Comment Written by whoman beenz on 07-May-2014

Today by Ali star

hey. great song, awesome melody. and have an awesome talent of creating a new and relavent song. im sure everyone can relate to.. my self included. and as usual your voice is smooth beautful and goes great with the music.. id give you 6 stars but im not a premier member now. and your band is prety good too,, lol awesome job indeed.. keep jammin Ali
Comment Written by whoman beenz on 10-Oct-2013

its not right by Ali star

we know we're good lol.. it was fun doin this and your voice is so much better then mine, awesome job ali.. and thank you.. i really needed another jam the way you are now an official member of whoman beenz..welcom to our tiny family.. and billy says hi :)
Comment Written by whoman beenz on 28-Aug-2013

escape by Ali star

very cool loved the dramatic lyrics. it seems you have joined the ranks of heartbreak pain and disappointment ,,awesome melody, awesome voice as usual, I love that you put bridges in your songs, it makes a song so much more enjoyable, plus it sounds like you have a new geetar, or the recording was done different, no mater.. this is a great song,, keep jamming Ali**********
p.s. these kind of lyrics would work great with that song I sent you, see what you can come up with, plus any melody you want.. if you want
Comment Written by whoman beenz on 06-Jul-2013

Slow Motion by Snap Johnson

this is a bad A** song you knocked this one out of the park. it was new and old school at the same time, the production was amazing you rap skills remind me of the old emenem, very awesome indeed. and you may very well have the new sound if this track finds the right ears you will be the next big thing, and thank God, I am so tired of katey pery and lady gaga. this world needs talent like you my friend. keep jamming, you have my support..
Comment Written by whoman beenz on 02-Jul-2013

I Just Don't Know What To Believe by dbull78

this was an awesome song the story is captivating and full of reality, its a journey many people take and its a very well written song the production was outstanding and the vocal was done with perfection, had drama feeling, fantastic phrasing and delivery, I cant say enough about this, but you have an amazing talent. never stop jamming. and if this song is you, then hold on to the music it can help, its saved me a couple times,, best of luck to you and yours, (whoman beenz)
Comment Written by whoman beenz on 02-Jul-2013

Let It Go by Super73

very cool it was refreshing to hear music with real musicians, this was a great song, very well written and produce, your vocals were outstanding, the chord progressions were awesome, the bridge break was cool and I absolutely loved the lead guitar ,, you have an awesome and talented band, as I allway's say there is no singer with out the band, it would make for a very boring concert, very awesome job, (I am not worthy)
Comment Written by whoman beenz on 02-Jul-2013

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