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Into The Light by JoeWamsley

Nice intro and really excellent song. Unfortunately it was spoilt by a sound problem - it kept stopping and starting and maybe this had something to do with my computer/sound system but I am not realy sure. All in all very enjoyable!
Comment Written by pmauk1 on 08-May-2013

Naija 4 life by afeezco1

Instantly spring into life with good sound and rhythms and gets its message of Naija for Life across in a lively and celebratory manner. Very good indeed and youcertainly know your stuff musically and I cannot think of anything that needs improvement. Terrific!
Comment Written by pmauk1 on 08-May-2013

She's Not My Woman by whoman beenz
Chapter 6 of the book The Whoman Condition

Very enjoyable song what we used to refer to as a foottapper. Good lyrics and well sung and recorded. It's obvious you musicians have been playing together for a while unless its a backing track - its that good! Thanks for the experience.
Comment Written by pmauk1 on 08-May-2013

Leaving Colorado Bend by rdparsons1112

Bright and breezy and as wholesome as the picture of the family together. I really enjoyed this typical country song from the tune to the really good voice and harmonies - what's not to like! I can't think of anything that would improve it but simply to say, well done yawl.
Comment Written by pmauk1 on 08-May-2013
Read and reviewed with blinders on.

A Bowl Between Friends by whoman beenz

Obviously a well recorded and well sung country song - I kept expecting Kenny Rogers to break into the chorus of 'You picked a fine time to leave me Lucille.....' Pity it was all about my pet hate, i.e taking drugs - I know weed is debateable but to give the devil its due and despite the subject, a good ole country song paiting a picture. How bad can that be.
Comment Written by pmauk1 on 08-May-2013

My music by jacksonrufusk

Nice little piece but too short I guess for anything other than perhaps an advert? Could be an intro to a song i.e. build up to the beginning of a song and then in comes the vocal - something like that. Hope this is helpful.
Comment Written by pmauk1 on 08-May-2013

Out By Sunrise by Mr Echo

Nice vocal but the music was a bit repetitive and the bass line went on a bit too long and started to jar on the nerves just a tad! Hope you don't mind my saying this.However, definite possibilities but also room for improvement! Keep trying!
Comment Written by pmauk1 on 31-Mar-2013

bhavAYami by sowjicse58

Sweet soothing voice and melody. Sounds like some kind of South Indian language? Kinda like a 'ghazal' and reminiscent of the old playback singers in Hindi movies!! I'd classify it as 'mood music' - light the joss sticks and incense and hang up the flower garlands! I liked it! Add the tabla and maybe a harmonium for extra effect!
Comment Written by pmauk1 on 31-Mar-2013

Unattainable Romance by liborgabrhel

Nice rhythm and great artwork! Could do with a slightly longer piece with maybe another instrument coming in half way to change it up a bit - good work and keep it up!
Comment Written by pmauk1 on 31-Mar-2013

the letter by mark bottoni

Good feel to this song and excellent Theme. Liked the music particularly and the words are well expressed and sound like a proper Letter and right from the heart. Very pleasant voice to listen to as well. Keep it up, friend.
Comment Written by pmauk1 on 31-Mar-2013

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