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Swords Lightning by Dreams of melodies

Nice dramatic piece of music - I can imagine this as a soundtrack to a kind of sci-fi movie or something equally surreal. I also liked the title and it seems very appropriate. Maybe something was wrong with the recording because it kept stopping and starting or maybe its my sound system but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Maybe add a few more sound effects like a rushing wind or hysterical laughter like a 'banshee' or maybe just leave well alone - just a thought!!
Comment Written by pmauk1 on 10-Aug-2013

Only One Is Needed by TheChefProfess

Nice words though rather indistinct. Could do with a better recording and bringing up the music too, a bit. For some reason lacks the punch it ought to have and ends a bit abruptly. Just being picky I guess. On the whole, a good idea and good theme 'Only one is needed'.
Comment Written by pmauk1 on 10-Aug-2013

Flight of the bumble bee by chamal

Very good and as you say, the fastest version of this popular tune! Would be greatly improved with a better recording. Also, it was a bit to short but still short and sweet is sometimes better than long and tedious! All in all, pretty good.
Comment Written by pmauk1 on 10-Aug-2013

Global Warming (Instrumental) by box204j

Beautiful. I really loved this.

Just started listening to your music today and enjoying it.
Very atmospheric and love the synth sounds which just wash over one. Do you have Cubase?
Comment Written by pmauk1 on 10-Aug-2013

Game Locked Down by whoman beenz

Very cool and very NOW with interesting and rative lyrics - like father like son. I suppose its natural that he follows in your footsteps. Better rappers than singers andthe musci definitely saves it but all told, pretty oool!
Comment Written by pmauk1 on 09-May-2013

Sugar Plum by Squeek Radio

Kinda reminiscent of a 60's song by the Searchers - Sweets for my sweets and sugar for my honey etc. Nice groove and liked the voice again which reminded me of a 70's rock singer. Seemed a bit unfinished and maybe a bridge to break it up in the middle or a musical interlude and then begin the refrain again may improve it but hey, who am I to cast stones, and I still enjoyed it! Keep going at it lads.

Comment Written by pmauk1 on 08-May-2013

slave ship by smithowain

Interesting piece of music and I can see the Kraftwerk and Japanese type influence. It could do well as a soundtrack to a TV drama or movie. Obviously, vocals would turn it into a song and I am sure this would enable it to go to another level but all in all, it stands up on its own a a good piece of eletronic music. Well done and good luck.
Comment Written by pmauk1 on 08-May-2013

Rest in Peace by elijones

Such a beautiful song, beautifully played and beautifully recorded and what a GORGEOUS VOICE! So pure that you must be either Welsh (jones?) or of Irish descent with that Celtic beauty and pathos. Absolutely loved it Elijones and I am an instant fan! That's why I had to give you 6 stars, it was so hauntingly beautiful. Fromm one sing/songwriter to another, thank you so much and long may you make such music.
Comment Written by pmauk1 on 08-May-2013

Give It All To You by whoman beenz
Chapter 5 of the book The Whoman Condition

Excellent musicians and sounds really good and I loved the lyrics. This is the third song I have heard today of Whoman Beenz (a very strange name indeed, not sure what it means beenz!) But I do like it and am tempted to give your songs a 6 stars except I want to hear more and shall save it for the best one - great stuff guys.
Comment Written by pmauk1 on 08-May-2013

Help me Lord- nana k, steve, manns by willy webbs

Interesting and unusual start and excellent sound and vocals.
The words of the rap were nice and clear and every word was spoken like it counted. I thought the whole song and structure was really impressive and liked the wsy it end - one day I will be with thee - maybe you could have started with these words at the beginning of the song - sorta topping and tailing it like a hook but really, that's not important. Its stands out as a really good song and I LIKED IT!
Comment Written by pmauk1 on 08-May-2013

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