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napy jay

Feel Tha Love by DAZE REAPER

i like the quality of the recordings. the instrumentation also is good. the vocals however need to be done with high spirit. i like r/b where the singer starts slow and hit high notes here and there and sings with emotional tones that touches the heart. your vocals has high potentials but what is lacking is this emotional tone that most great r/b singers has that makes you feel the song. add feelings to your vocals. i see potentials for you to be great a great singer.
Comment Written by napy jay on 06-Jan-2013

The Chase - Infinity (Beat By. VTZ) by Infinity

i love the flow of the rap which score the highest for me. the recording however needs more quality work. then there is this cha cha cha percussion in this music that is causing distortion. it should be removed or replaced with a crash or better clap with reduced volume. it should not be prominent sounding. use higher bit rate about or above 194 and sample rate above 22050 to make the recording sound professional
Comment Written by napy jay on 06-Jan-2013

dj aziz mastorui take a look mastouri - take a look by dj aziz mastouri

i like the recording and the effects. not much to judge here as this is more or less a semi vocalized song. i would prefer the beats to be more groovy and fast paced instead of the simple beat used. over all well done.
Comment Written by napy jay on 06-Jan-2013

Shew Shew Baby by Dr Shyne

without doubt this one to me is the best in your collections. this actually define the direction your music should take. this one is done to almost perfection. not a dance song but like i said earlier don't be half good if you are coming with an innovative and original style, be the best or get out of the front door.
Comment Written by napy jay on 14-Dec-2012

Dem Rock by Dr Shyne

a twist of mj bad is the underline tone here. like i say the song producer has vision you guys are trying to come out with a different style from the mainstream naija musicians. this i feel is a risk. asa and owamumi are two ladies that defines their style and are a hit. then if you are coming with a unique style and pertain you must not be half good. put a mark on your style, mark it and make a name for yourself. done release your album now. you have potential hit songs. get one or two professional musicians to do some of your songs or as a collaboration. your songs has great potentials but they all need reworking by an innovative producer. if you don't follow my advise and go it alone, then i am afraid you will make only minimal impact. people will say oh this guys are trying i like their songs but i am not sure i can buy their songs.
Comment Written by napy jay on 14-Dec-2012

Dr Shyne by Dr Shyne

another good attempt. this song is an old school rendition of a popular song in days gone. you try to add your style. good. the guy that do your instrumentals, that guy is awesome. excellent rhythm and drum beats. but the vocals is yet to shine. why not try a female singer additions to your band, that may just be the missing ingredient in this group
Comment Written by napy jay on 14-Dec-2012

Sweet Palm Dance by Dr Shyne

i notice some seriousness in the song as compared to the first i reviewed. but though i may rate this 5 star. you need to make the lyrics longer and add two more verses. there is a thousand and one story you could tell about palm wine. you could add humour like saying w this drink is a magic drink of ectasy; a story about village life and how the pamly affects them. yes put a story in this song and make it more interesting. this could just be your naija hit if you work it correctly. i can offer to do the added lyrics for free.
Comment Written by napy jay on 14-Dec-2012

i wanna be your boyfriend Felicia by KyleRogers69

outstanding music no doubt but as a sound engineer i notice things others may not be aware of. the chorus vocals merit a 6 star but the verse vocal not as convincing. i notice how the first verse is lower in loudness than the first chorus. it now levels out in verse 2 with the chorus. now the problem here is mixing, ensure you have the same loudness level as the first chorus. sorry if i affect your rating but there are some things i just cant help noticing as a producer and sound engineer.make this corrections and i will adjust my rating for higher.
Comment Written by napy jay on 14-Dec-2012

Dance to the Beat by Dr Shyne

fine attempt. the baseline and drum beats are outstanding. yes i can dance to this beat. but come on guys the vocals is lacking in professionalism. it lacks conviction. as a producer myself i believe a professional should sing with his heart and mean it. this is lacking; this sound like a studio rehearsal. go out and do live shows and learn how to put your heart in a song. keep trying you are not far from that hit song.
Comment Written by napy jay on 13-Dec-2012

Angels We Have Heard on High by r_silke

not as good as the first one i reviewed but i see potentials here. may be its because of the echo which is a little over the board. faster songs seems to be what will suite you. the drag in this one makes the flow of this one a zigzag. keep trying your next could yet be a hit again
Comment Written by napy jay on 13-Dec-2012

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