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napy jay

The Ride - Infinity by Infinity

by far to me your best. you seem better in slow rapping than faster rhymes. this one is believable. i left out one of your rap. the one you scored 6 stars because i did not find any motivation in that song. more slow rhymes like this one is what i encourage you. it will define your destiny. good luck.
Comment Written by napy jay on 09-Jan-2013

The Dream #1 - Infinity by Infinity

quite an interesting rap. good work. but i found it rather flat. i enjoy electronics effects in rap like the one i gave 5 star. the intro is quite long and uneventful. it did not put any anticipation in me rather i was wondering when you were going to start and when you started when it was going to end. anyway you are good are rapping and i give kudos to you.
Comment Written by napy jay on 09-Jan-2013

Famous - Infinity by Infinity

i agree with the other reviewer. the rhythm and flow of the music is very nice. however the only thing needed here as well is the quality of the recording. it is below cd quality research on how to make high definition and you will get there. nice work.
Comment Written by napy jay on 09-Jan-2013

Voodoo Puppets - Beautiful Recipe by Voodoo Puppets

nice job. the rhythm is good and i like the music. the drumbeat gets me nodding my head in sync. the vocals is good. keep up the good job.
Comment Written by napy jay on 08-Jan-2013

3 Wordz by Zabrain

nice work. how ever i beg to differ a little from Frank the first reviewer. the music instrumentation and vocal are just okay. but the rhythm of the music is not so goo;d actually the music has no emotional content, a bit mechanical, and i am not moved. however the recording is good and ready for release as i see it. good work.
Comment Written by napy jay on 08-Jan-2013

Be Merciful by tyronesturk

excellent work. a classical reggae style which i enjoyed. the last reggae artist i review; i could not make out one word he sang, but yours is like a breath of fresh air. i like the heavy bass the drumbeats and the vocal. i encourage you to include the lyrics though understand all you sang. keep it up.
Comment Written by napy jay on 08-Jan-2013

It Don't Get Much Better Than This by Rob Rideout

a golden voice and complete music. i like the way the high notes was reached to conclude this epic song. good work.
Comment Written by napy jay on 06-Jan-2013

In Another Time by Rob Rideout

very nice country song. but to be honest with you i would have awarded this song a 4.5 stars but since none exist i gave it 5.0. you should have a chorus in this song which i see lacking. you only mentioned in another times once at a time; why not repeat it and create a chorus so listeners will know when one verse ends and another begins. without this entity it makes the music a bit repetitive but the power of this song is like a tsunami that sweeps away any assumed short falls.
Comment Written by napy jay on 06-Jan-2013
Read and reviewed with blinders on.

Im not a rude boy by Prince Jaabaal

i agree completely with the first review. the lyrics is a bit blurred; bass guitar makes a lot of sense in reggae music. the flow of the rhythm is good and basically it sound like a complete song. back home folks may understand you but if you want to make it an international song then lets get some of the lyrics. i applaud your effort however...clap...clap...clap
Comment Written by napy jay on 06-Jan-2013

Down Low by Enamarson

nice job guy. judging by what i heard i believe it is ready for release if it is not done already. a little like wiz kid pattern of music. naija guys are going places. keep it up.
Comment Written by napy jay on 06-Jan-2013

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