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Another Sky by Milla Kara

Yummy,,,, not sure how to award 6 stars,, don't see that option for me yet. WOW the piano soars with the strings,,, not always easy to do,,, and just the right mix of percussion and voice!
The very exciting part is that this piece does speak to "Big as the SKy" yet soft and gentle, no storms in sight here, just a clear view upward and onward,, When that last strain of concert grand kicks in, you know you are being lifted,,, higher and higher.. you end up there, suspended.. Loved it!
Comment Written by JonCSebastian on 23-Oct-2012

untitled love song by bodyhater

Great effects,,,,,but do I feel the love? Not yet, more like Alien than Love story, but that is ok, surprise in music can be awesome.
More primal and fear filled, but the production is excellent, I just cannot identify on a SONG level and feel it is more background ambient mood sounds for a horror flick
Comment Written by JonCSebastian on 23-Oct-2012

Kevin's Song by Eric Grow

Great song,, from a great generation. Your vocal is spot on,,and the lyrics as so charming. Were you my parents, the world would be a better place... Reminds me of the Seekers, a group back in the 60's Good job, mostly because is is so lyrical and heartfelt...
Comment Written by JonCSebastian on 22-Oct-2012

Coma (v3) by pmalman

Haunting, articulate, simplicity, George Winston would hope it was his, A whisper that becomes empowered,,, then moves the soul thru a new time and space, out of one body to the next,,,,
Great use of synth-sax, and the few guitar nylon strings, echo the message but do not own it,, like the piano... it owns the whole song,,, In my opinion you should be in the number one position on this site!!!!!!!!!
Comment Written by JonCSebastian on 22-Oct-2012

The Way Ahead by Milla Kara

Beautifully mastered,,,, deep haunting soul. Beautiful layered piano, progressions from hopeless to hopeful, the violin certainly humanizes the composition, the drums beat foreboding. Each voice takes a turn taking you deeper, on the edge of disparate, but with a true edge of hope
Masterfully done!
Comment Written by JonCSebastian on 22-Oct-2012

The Ballad of Love by pmalman

A city piece,,, out of the concert hall and into the streets, to the coffee shop. This piece is a personal encounter with possibilities... A Glace, a nod, another responds to you hope for connection, maybe love, maybe lust, and the question of will it happen again. Smooth, artistic, percussion on spot. The reality strips in when the piano melts all hesitations and the sax sings in harmony, the synth echos a big YES, suburb, Jazz ballad extraordinaire!
Comment Written by JonCSebastian on 22-Oct-2012
Read and reviewed with blinders on.

Summer Days by Kerri Powles

Chord progression extraordinaire! A marvelous piece moving me happily through hard times. I cannot but smile hearing this song. Do I feel Summer? How could I not? You are an amazing pianist, the dynamics and effortlessness of you performance,,, superb!
Comment Written by JonCSebastian on 22-Oct-2012
Read and reviewed with blinders on.

Faceplant by Johnny Gora

Surly moves you on.. If you had any hesitation, it's gone. As a musical piece it is spot on, rhythm clean clear and moving. Your music is like taking a super caffeinated beverage , and letting all thoughts of hesitation down.
Comment Written by JonCSebastian on 22-Oct-2012

Autumn by pmalman

A time of endings and falling slowly and gently asleep, colors so intense that you cannot dismiss it, you are involved in Autumn like it or not! With the most bittersweet of happiness as the thread that holds it all together, you know that even as Winter comes surly Spring will too!
But for now, Autumn holds you so gently close, caresses and lying down assures you that you will rise again.
Comment Written by JonCSebastian on 22-Oct-2012

Conversation by pmalman

Oh my God, you are fabulous! Not only cry but turn my heart inside out looking for the source of life, love and all that I hold dear. Your emotions cover your entire body, not just lingering on your sleeve. Not only emotion, but were you standing under my window playing this I would most certainly fall in love with you! Then the rise in expression and volume, and the abrupt ending. You hold my heart! JON Sebastian
Comment Written by JonCSebastian on 22-Oct-2012

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