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Kerri Powles

Three Saints Riding by Ray Brookes

Ray!! You are so gifted! Not only a brilliant lyricist but I love your piano technique too!! Is there an instrument you can't play I'm starting to wonder? Another wonderful song that I really love. A big fat 6 from me!!

Kerri :)
Comment Written by Kerri Powles on 08-Mar-2017

A Jewelled Crown by Ray Brookes

What an amazing song!! Many men would do well to take note of the words in this song. Your lyrics are never just a meaningless string of words, but very prophetic words of wisdom. In short another brilliant song in every aspect. You are a master at what you do, yet unlike many, despite your obvious talents, you are always very humble, which is one of the things I have always admired about you. A well deserved 6 from me my friend!

Comment Written by Kerri Powles on 20-Feb-2017

Pocahontas And The Big White Chief by Ray Brookes

This is fantastic Ray. Instrumentals are superb as always, and again your lyrics are some of the best I have heard. Never ceases to amaze me how you tell such meaningful stories in your songs. You could cut CD's and they would sell like hot cakes I'm certain of it! I've started goind to Acoustic evenings since taking up The Native Americal Flute, harmonica, Irish whistle, and more recently the Ukulele, I just wished you lived closer, as your music would go down a storm...Aus is quite a long way from little old rural Brecon, but you never know our paths may cross some day :)As for slashing my wrists, I think I'll pass :)

Best wishes....Kerri
ps. Loved this so much, I'm sharing it to my Facebook page for my friends to hear.
Comment Written by Kerri Powles on 17-Feb-2017

Caught In The Act by Ray Brookes

I'm just sitting here with a pre Christmas Bourbon, enjoying yet another corker of a song from you, both from an instrumental point of view, and lyrics and vocal too!! I just hope you weren't singing from experience Ray :)My philosophy has always been 'you can admire what's on display, as long as you don't fondle the goods' :)Really enjoyed this song very much!! Hope you and your family have a great Christmas Ray!!
Comment Written by Kerri Powles on 22-Dec-2016

Silent Night by Jack

Lovely rendition of 'Silent Night'. Very nice blend of instruments that go very well together. Makes me feel in the Christmas spirit already.
Comment Written by Kerri Powles on 29-Nov-2016

Triumph Of Depression by datka98

Fabulous sound David!! Fantastic I would even go so far as to say. I love the blend of heavy metal and classical strings which made for a very powerful and satisfying sound. I wish there was a category greater than a 6 (mega 12 at least!) My favourite so far definitely! I would have thought any film company looking for this genre of music would rip your arm off for this, I know I would! :):):):)
Comment Written by Kerri Powles on 29-Nov-2016

Hang On

Really lovely and well constructed song. The vocal has that husky quality that I have come to love from this artist (whoever you are :)) and the lyrics are exceptional. I love the instruments you use in this piece, and the mix is very well put together which collectively gives this composition a very well rounded smooth and polished feel. Very nicely done indeed.
Comment Written by Kerri Powles on 16-Nov-2016
Read and reviewed with blinders on.

Discussions Of Time

Actually I really like this thinking out of the box concept that you have. I enjoyed the complexity of this piece, the twists and weaves do indeed send one on a spiral of thinking. I thought this was cleverly constructed, and despite it's unusual changing rhythms, it never once lost it's sense of dynamics or direction. Very well done, and good luck in the Contest.
Comment Written by Kerri Powles on 11-Nov-2016
Read and reviewed with blinders on.

Santa's Sleigh boat song by Wallace

Well this is not quite what I was expecting Wallace!! I found the different feel and change in pace very refreshing and very different indeed to the music I am used to hearing from you - it was a lovely and surprising change. Very descriptive piece, I could envisage the scene perfectly. Nice one my friend :)

Best wishes...Kerri
Comment Written by Kerri Powles on 02-Oct-2016

In Her Eyes by Ray Brookes

Another lovely song Ray, just what I've come to expect from you over the years. Instrumentals are superb as always and your lyrics and vocals are really wonderful. Got a bit behind with my reviewing of late. Trying to catch up now. Great song, loved it!!

Comment Written by Kerri Powles on 01-Oct-2016

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