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Kerri Powles

I Feel So Much Love

Oh fabulous!! This is perect for the Beatles Contest. This is a contest that's has been hanging around for ages, I'm hoping yours will get things moving. We can but hope! I wish you all the very best in this. I have a feeling this should do very well. Goodluck
Comment Written by Kerri Powles on 22-Jul-2017
Read and reviewed with blinders on.

Sometimes Love is Not Enough by Jimi Seven

Wow!! Love it my friend. Real 60's feel to this, and I'm a succour for the 60's. Your voice and style remind me of someone else on this site, and I can't for the life of me think who that is for now. I'm sure it will come to me though.
Just a tip for you, took me a while before I realised, if planning on submitting something to a contest, Upload it into the contest, if you have already uploaded a piece (but not into contest) it cannot be re-uploaded again and cannot be entered into s contest.
Also be careful not to reveal your identity when entering a contest. Bit silly realy as most of us get to know peoples styles etc, and can pretty much guess anyway...but 'thems the rules' :)
Comment Written by Kerri Powles on 22-Jul-2017

2 a.m. by Scott Harvey

Great song Scott!! Very powerful and tells a meaningful story. Really love the whole feel to this. Would be great for TV/Film. One site that I have just discovered that might interest you is You can put music forward for consideration into TV/Film. It's FREE to.

Best wishes..Kerri
Comment Written by Kerri Powles on 22-Jul-2017

reflection of the mind by robert.lewis1134

Very pretty piece with much potential as I can sense the emotion coming through in your playing. A very lovely piece as it stands, but if I may make a suggestion, I would say that you need to experiment and expand your range of chord changes, and vary it just a little to give it a bit more depth and overal interest to the listener. Keep up the good work!
Comment Written by Kerri Powles on 10-Jul-2017

Crazy In Love by DJ-MCMUSIC

I think this is a really beautiful song which, I would say has commercial value. Understated instrumentally, which works well with this, as all the attention is focused on the lyrics, which are excellent. Maybe mid way through you could have introduced a soft string backing just to add a bit of added contrast and interest, but that being said, I think it works very well as it is. Are you singing as well? If so you have a really lovely voice!

Comment Written by Kerri Powles on 11-Jun-2017

Midnight by oldharp

Really loved this one. beautiful harmonies, instrumentals and vocals. This one for me could easily be in the charts. A really enjoyable listen. Thanks for sharing :)

Best wishes....Kerri
Comment Written by Kerri Powles on 24-May-2017

Night tease

I really like the intricacy of this piece. It doesn't conform to a predictable melodic structure which I find rather refreshing. Instead there are surprising twists and turns which leave you wondering what is about to happen next, whilst still managing to maintain a concordant feel. There was only one tiny chord about two thirds of the way through that I would describe as being truly discordant, but that in itself made for a pleasant break in the overall feel of the piece. I listened to this a couple of times, and I hear somthing different each time, and I would urge others not to dismiss this piece too readily but listen a couple of times to get the full impact. In my view an excellent work!
Comment Written by Kerri Powles on 12-May-2017
Read and reviewed with blinders on.

Looking To The Future by darkcloud

Very good song indeed!! I enjoyed this very much. Your lyrics tell a meaningful story, and your diction is smooth and clear. I think you have a realy lovely voice. I feel your voice would lend itself well to smooth and easy ballads, and I would love to hear you singing something in this genre sometime. It's a 6 from me. Well done.

Best wishes.......Kerri
Comment Written by Kerri Powles on 26-Apr-2017

Just Walk Away by bryan taylor

Excellent recording!! and especially as you did everything yourself. This would be simply perfect in a TV action drama series. Superb in every respect!

Comment Written by Kerri Powles on 25-Mar-2017

The Promise by stinger25

Very beautiful song with a very polished professional sound throughout. Your instrumentalists and vocalist were brilliant! Very well done!

Comment Written by Kerri Powles on 17-Mar-2017

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