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Kerri Powles

Earth by Hakatz

This is a very pretty piece. Sadly I cannot give it the 6 I think it deserves as you can only award 6's as a Premier Member.
A very delicately played and sensitive work. I look forward to hearing more from you, however keep in mind that you can only post a maximum of 8 works on here as a Standard Member. I had posted a lot of work on here as a Premiere Member but took them down when my Membership lapsed.
Comment Written by Kerri Powles on 16-Jun-2018

At War With The World by Jimi Seven

Wow! This is different Jimi, and brilliant. This is fabulous hard rock at it's best I would say. Great title too. Although I know very little when it comes to this genre, I know what I like, and I like what I hear. Bravo Jimi!!!
Comment Written by Kerri Powles on 24-Sep-2017

Only Echoes Remain (With Vocals) 4 by threshold

Having listened to the first rendition of this with no vocals and now this, my personal preference is this. The vocals certainly add another dimension for me, and lifts it even further. If anything I would have increased volume on the vocals, as hard to hear the words clearly enough, especially when the beat increases volume about a quarter of the way in, the vocals were completely drowned. As for Mastering, chord progression etc (for me anyway) you've pretty much got this nailed!!
Comment Written by Kerri Powles on 14-Sep-2017

A Way of Life by Wallace

This fits the title description perfectly. I can envisage walking amongst the borders of perfectly manicured lawns, taking in the heady scent of Summers blooming flowers, and feeling the warmth of the sun upon my skin. This would make an excellent intro to a play/film with the opening scene being a picturesque scene of country gardens and ancestral estates. Very well done as always Wallace.
Comment Written by Kerri Powles on 07-Sep-2017

Rock'n Roll Star

Another really catchy song Jim. Your lyrics are great, as are all your instrumentals. Do you play all the instruments yourself? If so you're a great musician!
Comment Written by Kerri Powles on 25-Aug-2017

Maybe Next Time

I always know where to come when I want a pick me up. Great upbeat song. I know I've mentioned it before but the Beatles would have loved you in their group I recon. Sadly the music of today just doesn't do it for me the way the music of the 60's does. But you mange to recreate that wonderful 60's feel and you never fail to deliver!
Comment Written by Kerri Powles on 25-Aug-2017

The River Columbia

Very much liked this piece. A great deal of imaginaiton has gone into this work I can tell. I don't know if you are familiar with the Composer Copland, but this piece is very reminicent of the style of Copland. This should do well in the Contest I feel.
Here is the link to it Coplands Appalachian Springs:
Comment Written by Kerri Powles on 24-Aug-2017
Read and reviewed with blinders on.


I really loved this Jim! Gorgeous melodies with subtle changes that change with the seasons. Very imaginative. Wonderful strings. In fact everything was fabulous about this. If this doesn't do well in the Contest I will eat my keyboard (but first we have to have a Contest!) so my keyboard should be safe for a bit :)
Comment Written by Kerri Powles on 06-Aug-2017
Read and reviewed with blinders on.

When Blue Fades to Black

Wow!! Love this one! Lyrics have never been one of my strong points. I struggle with lyrics for days, and more often than not they get thrown on the scrp heap :) This is not only a fabulous song, but your lyrics are perfect in my eyes.
I wish you the very best of luck in the Contest....whoever you may be :):)
Comment Written by Kerri Powles on 30-Jul-2017
Read and reviewed with blinders on.

Silly Girl Fantasy by Jimi Seven

Another great song, with a real Beatles vibe!! Your instruments are nicely balanced against the vocals. Very often I hear music where the vocals are drowned out by the instrumentals, but not in this case. You have a great voice for this genre as well.
If these Contests ever get moving again, I'm certain your songs will be popular, especial in the 'Vocals' and 'Beatles Contests', let's hope you don't have to wait too long to find out.
Comment Written by Kerri Powles on 30-Jul-2017

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