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Christiam disciple

Surroundings by vanirof

This can be an interesting element of a song. I will be interested in seeing where you take this. The effect seems to be a noise reduction you added unto it or some kind of filter you are testing. Are you going to add sound elements to this or are you going to leave as is? Sounds like you may have added flanger as well or a wah wah.
Comment Written by Christiam disciple on 19-Oct-2012

My Sweet Angel by Kerri Powles

This is so very clear and beautiful. the harp captured my attention from the beginning. Very well placed string work makes this piece a class above all the instrumentals I have listened to today. This is simply a work of art well mixed and well played.
Comment Written by Christiam disciple on 19-Oct-2012
Read and reviewed with blinders on.

my world by clifzede

The sound is very good. Only thing I would do bring the vocals up a little more. It has a nice full sound and I know you want the vocals to be one with the music as an echo almost but bring it up a little more so It can be heard a little more. Otherwise I see nothing else that needs changing the guitars the reverb are all nice. You get the nice water like sound as if a trance-like echo in the mind.
Comment Written by Christiam disciple on 19-Oct-2012

syngenor by parkdweller

Very catchy percussion. I like the forward and reverse work. The vocals are creepy which I guess is the point. Well executed piece. If there was some way to isolate the vocals from the music maybe by panning so we could here it a little more as the vocals are behind the music but are somewhat drowned by it. I would find the sweet spot in the vocals and raise that and lower the same spot in the instrumental percussion.
Comment Written by Christiam disciple on 19-Oct-2012

Summer Days by Kerri Powles

A very relaxed instrumental with subtle volume changes and pace changes. Very delightful pace which is walking and lovely chord progressions. The theme is nicely maintained. The triplets also added to the delight. The tone of the piano is a bit heavy and may have been lighter with a lighter timbre choice but the final progression would not have the majesty that it has in this piece so it is well chosen.
Comment Written by Christiam disciple on 19-Oct-2012
Read and reviewed with blinders on.

Falling UP by iOM9999

A lot of flanger is used here and the music has a nice pulse and sounds very good but with a vocal in there it would sound a lot better. The rhythmic strums form the guitars are nicely done so you still feel the rhythm and pulse with the drums but yet keep a smooth feel throughout the piece.
Comment Written by Christiam disciple on 19-Oct-2012

Myriad Scope by davey7865

I like the overall flow very catchy. The bass sounds rich and fine on this system but the low drums could be a little clearer at high volume at low volume it is fine but when I turn up the volume they are a little fuzzy. The drums give a good punch to the sound. If that is what you were looking for you got it. The guitar playing fit in nicely to the mix very funky but th epercussion or rhythm section needs to drop a bit to fit in with the guitar riff is a little too loud for th eguitar part. I hear the fuzz yes and that and the drums doing th ebeat with th ebass is causing that fuzziness so th esound is not very clean. Otherwise it sounds good. The vocals sounded clear enough so the overall mix just needs a little tweaking with the heavier parts. Maybe in your post production work you could seek to clean up the vibration of the drum kick doing the beat and the fuzz in the places where the instrumental is not present and also remove that fuzz noise using a noise remover but it depends on the software you are thinking of using and what format your files are digitally in. If wav or MP'3 you can do it once your instruments are in separate tracks.
Comment Written by Christiam disciple on 19-Oct-2012

Fueled by Purple by Aria Chablis King

This very fresh composition is very much the working of a prodigy. Moving between major keys and negotiating the theme with different motifs is very inspiring. Well composed.
Comment Written by Christiam disciple on 19-Oct-2012

Song238 by PaludalMelodyFactory

Just a fantastic arrangement. Very jazzy arrangement with the odd timing. The bass line was catchy on which the piano could play over. Very nice.
Comment Written by Christiam disciple on 19-Oct-2012

Written To No One by oddwithoutend

This is great writing. This is to me a true would be great to hear sung but even if not sung it is great as a spoken word as well. The recording with the microphone I can see was edited a bit so it sounds in the background. Possibly the noise was removed with a noise remover. I would suggest a better microphone or to remove most of the noise if possible after sampling the noise on the music but take up the threshold a bit so the vocals are not too distorted because of loss of some of the sound. What I do is I sample the noise. But then I go about muting all the noise on the track next just outside the vocals. Then I go about applying the noise remover but at the threshold of the noise level so I can get as much of the vocals as possible. The instrumental accompaniment simple as it was sounded very good.
Comment Written by Christiam disciple on 16-Oct-2012

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