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moyo by mcjahire

Fun song. Couldn't understand the lyrics that well, and I'm not well versed in this style music, but it sounds like it would be a fun Reggea dance music.
Comment Written by Danarg on 12-Jun-2014

The loss of ones soul by kerack

This is interesting, very electronic almost to a fault. The lyrics and description seem interesting, but I couldn't really make out the lyrics in the song itself. A little less electronics maybe, unless this is just electric dance music. If so, cool.
Comment Written by Danarg on 12-Jun-2014

Chocolate Velvet by Kerri Powles

I wouldn't really call this Rock, although it has that original Rock n Roll /blues piano. This is a nice melody. Is this a real Soprano Sax or electronic? Either way, it's a nice tempo and nice melody!
Comment Written by Danarg on 12-Jun-2014
Read and reviewed with blinders on.

where u dey by yorubaswagga

I love that driving reggae sound. I don't know much about this style, but this is perfect for dancing!
Comment Written by Danarg on 12-Jun-2014


A little short. The rap does not sound authentic enough to me - I guess because I hear so much of it, but the track was mixed way to low and the bass and drums should have been more to the forefront even more than the other track instruments. I'm glad you submitted it though, because a little constructive criticism helps us all and I want you to be a winner! so keep at it and good luck to you.
Comment Written by Danarg on 16-May-2014
Read and reviewed with blinders on.

Rawaniya by orisunpraize

I really like this one. It is so sweet melodic and the instrumentation, in that we don't hear it everyday here in the U.S., is so refreshing and soothing. All the best to you!
Comment Written by Danarg on 16-May-2014

2 wit 2 woo by John David Coupland
Chapter 7 of the book Solo guitar

This is so interesting and yes, it does remind me of Franz Liszt. Your timing is great and great technique.
Comment Written by Danarg on 15-May-2014

Life of the Party ft. ATG (Freestyl by GoldenGate

This style rap seems very dated to me. There is no variation and nothing makes this song stick out from all the others I hear on the radio. You must be all using the same rhythm tracks. But if you want to be original and noticed, try doing something - well, original.
Comment Written by Danarg on 11-May-2014

Lullaby Before The End by datka98

The style and subject matter add a great deal of credence to this piece. I understand the idea of ending it abruptly and the heartbeat at the end and it's very interesting indeed. I hope you've had good luck with this on YouTube and good luck on your next album.
Comment Written by Danarg on 11-May-2014

just wait on it by young miguel

This song is really badly produced and badly performed, but other than that it's really good. I am not sure if you're serious, so I'm reviewing it a little tongue in cheek, but actually the above is true. You need to do a lot more listening to this genre before you attempt to compose it. Learning the correct way to produce and sing can be very rewarding if you really want it.
Comment Written by Danarg on 11-May-2014

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