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two by krronos

Your piano playing is really great.This is a very nice arrangement. I would change the quality of the recording though as it sounds a little hollow almost as if there is too much reverb. That's just my opinion, but perhaps this is the sound you were going for. Nonetheless, beautiful piece of music.
Comment Written by Danarg on 09-Sep-2018

The Road is Hard by bigedwood

Biged, I love this!, and I love your voice. So are you performing live? In LA? Wow so glad I you wrote me your review. I will definitely be following you. Although I?m focusing on instrumental right now I?m originally a gospel, R&B, jazz singer so I love to hear good solid vocals. Very cool
Comment Written by Danarg on 13-Mar-2018

Border Moon by akkrys123

This is a good song. It can be improved by boosting that guitar and your voice. You have a nice voice and it's very 70's. Like it!
Comment Written by Danarg on 18-Feb-2018

Symphony Poem Part 1 by Freedom

This is very nice and written in true classical form. I like your use of the timpani drums and the violas are very nice as a foundation for the violins. I do feel that it was a bit repetitive and could have used more dynamics throughout but overall it is a good listen and very enjoyable.
Comment Written by Danarg on 06-Apr-2016

rubberbands by looneytunezmusic404

This song is a little difficult to listen to as it has too much going on. I think I know what you were shooting for. And being a black woman, I'm not too thrilled about hearing "nigga" in a song. It's just outdated and appears that you are pandering for shock value. Say what is on your heart but keep it classy. I like the way you used the drums in this song. It's nice.
Comment Written by Danarg on 06-Apr-2016

BALLAD OF FRISCO (4:00) by akkrys123

I really like the lyrics as it tells a story. The intro is a little too busy. It almost sounds as if the harmonica and violen are fighting each other. You might want to bring the violen down and let the harmonica shine as it's an unusual and interesting instrument. The vocals have too much reverberate, so you might to take some of that out. Overall s nice song with great potential.
Comment Written by Danarg on 06-Apr-2016
Read and reviewed with blinders on.

at your beckon call by bryan taylor

Very nice Bryan. You're an excellent guitarist. I think the drums could've had more feeling and maybe mixed back a little bit, but overall very nice and I like your new strings!
Comment Written by Danarg on 23-Mar-2016

Oceans of Love.. Kisses of the Wind by Loyd C. Taylor, Sr.

This is a really pretty song and you have a very clear voice. Just a note I thought the strings and the snare at the end were a little too strong but other than it was enjoyable listening!
Comment Written by Danarg on 08-Sep-2015

The Migration by Kerri Powles

Kerri, this piece is simply beautiful!!! You, as always, amaze me. The lead instrument (oboe)?? Is just perfect and reminds one of the soaring geese. Of course the piano is divine!
Comment Written by Danarg on 08-Sep-2015

I want you ( all night) by twisty

I'm a lead and back up vocalist, so I appreciate good vocals. The background vocals really make this song. The harmonies are nice and tight. The lead vocal reminds me a little of Elvis. Keep on writing, this is a lot of fun!
Comment Written by Danarg on 12-Jun-2014
Read and reviewed with blinders on.

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