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Goodbye by pmalman

Lovely piece. Technically only classical in the general sense, not really the style that goes with the period, you have something more Romantic/modern. Nice phrasing, though I'm sure it would be much better as a live concert/performance(especially the violin; those sound so much better live, at least with good violinists.)Thanks for posting.
Comment Written by philomena on 15-Oct-2012

Welcome back my love by fanisatt

Beautiful song!your daughter sings pretty and you had a wonderful selection of instruments that enhanced the piece. I would recommend trying to connect the part where seh stops singing and the only instrumental part. I'm afraid I don't know the words, so I can't offer anything there, except that to see the lyrics would be nice. Thank you for posting.
Comment Written by philomena on 30-Sep-2012

In my dreams by fanisatt

Lovely piece! Yes it does give me a rather dreamy feel, though I have some ideas as to howw you could improve on that. If you had more sustained notes, it would give it a more ...impressionistic feel.
Comment Written by philomena on 27-Sep-2012

Lá»?i tá»a Album Lá»?i Tἡ Tình by ThanhCaBiz

Tôi, tuy nhiên thích bài hát Tôi sợ rằng Tôi không thật sự nói tiếng Vi?t nam..

Tôi sợ rằng cái t?ng

Nếu dù sao ?i nữa có bạn khi ?ã có th? ?ặt những tiêu ??, Tôi khuyến cáo bạn Owing to collating..

quan bạn Có ?ã không nhận thấy rằng bạn là không phải gi?ng hát trong tiếng Anh. Cám ơn bạn (cho) c?t trụ..

Comment Written by philomena on 23-Sep-2012

Things Unseen by AllyLindeen

Amazing! I loved your singing(intonation) the lyrics,a nd the tune. Thank you for posting. Looking forward to hearing the full version!
Comment Written by philomena on 22-Sep-2012

This is the covenant by John David Coupland
Chapter 5 of the book Christian praise

Nice music. I love the lyrics, and found them refreshing compared to some of the songs. Of course, as a piece of music, I think a little more change in dynamics wouldn't be a nad thing. Thank you for posting.
Comment Written by philomena on 22-Sep-2012

I've Got The Sun by ckbesq

Thank you for posting. I liked how the guitar was enhancing while never too much. The lyrics were nice. Good vocals also. Thank you for posting.
Comment Written by philomena on 22-Sep-2012
Read and reviewed with blinders on.

Sanctus (Part II) by Joutsen

Very dramatic sounding Sanctus...perhaps too much. It does sound like a movie score(that really comes out in quite a bit oof the music you have posted. If there were different words(or it was a vocalie with no words just voice) I think it would be better. othewise I really liked the thrill of something big it gave me(though your exciting, movie-like music generally does that to me). Thanks for posting.
Comment Written by philomena on 21-Sep-2012

Quartetto capriccioso by Joutsen

Wonderful instrumentation of a piece that sounds like it would be great for a film score, on something about far-away, exotic foreign places. I especially liked how you put the harp, flute, piano and violin parts together. I would definitely like to hear this as a concert.
Comment Written by philomena on 21-Sep-2012

Corona Mundi by Joutsen

Sounds like it must be a movie soundtrack, or music for a preview. And a very good one at that! Very evocative of mountains, adventure, and to some extent, fantasy. Will listen and look forward to more work of yours like this.
Comment Written by philomena on 21-Sep-2012

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