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Romance by balajiram

This song is very romantic, I like the mix of the instruments. I can feel the good vibe that comes from the heart. Harmonically resonates with love!
Comment Written by Thraciana on 25-Aug-2012

Kids World by balajiram

Your song is entertaining and, in the same time, somehow tempering the energy. Beautiful gift, perfect for the kids! It reminded me about Mario games song :)
Comment Written by Thraciana on 25-Aug-2012

Resurrection by balajiram
Chapter 4 of the book Balaji's Record

I could not give you 6 stars because I don't have a "Premier Membership".. But your songs are original, simply beautiful, and I'll give you 10 stars from the sky above to light your path to creation that comes deep from the heart.
Comment Written by Thraciana on 29-Jul-2012

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