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clouds will go by Ali star

Very nice! Uplifting, good feel. Decent recording. Singing sounds so-so when solo in the beginning, but the harmonies sound great. Could have done more vocal takes, possibly, or just needs a master producer. Very good job.
Comment Written by davey7865 on 24-Jun-2013

It Don't Get Much Better Than This by Rob Rideout

Sounds really great for one microphone!

Simple, but effective. Very nice vocals. Flawless performance, as far as I could tell.

I'm wondering if you noticed that you sped up a little bit by the end, I'm thinking most of it happened before the first chorus. Planned or not, I think you effectively raised the excitement of the song a bit by doing so. It makes the intro creep in at you, and it makes the chorus hum by nicely.
Comment Written by davey7865 on 06-Jan-2013

My Piano Sonata No. 34 by MusicOfLYNN

Great sounding intro, very pretty. I feel like it's really taking me somewhere, on a story ride, like classical music often does, but modern music fails to. Compared to Chopin or Beethoven, your story telling could use a little work.

Mainly, I feel like the intro starts off and remains a bit too gloomy for too long. It's almost like the story begins with a climax and works its way down for a while. The tension should be increased from the get go.

By the middle of the song, this isn't a problem any more.

I'm hearing a couple jazzy notes here and there, sounds nice.

Very nice sonata, overall. I wouldn't mind hearing a fuller, more exciting arrangement, but I still enjoyed this.
Comment Written by davey7865 on 26-Dec-2012

Gummankuthu by balajiram

This is a very cool drum solo! But why's is only coming out of my left speaker? I bet it would sound a lot cooler with some panning.

Wish I could play drums like that, or even write drums tracks on my computer like that. Very nice work, flawless solo.
Comment Written by davey7865 on 26-Dec-2012
Read and reviewed with blinders on.

The Orange Stone by sailpony

Very gloomy and flat sounding strings and pianos.

I like direction the lead instruments are taking the song.

But I'm 1/3rd of the way through the song, and I'm feeling a little tired of just such gloomy instruments and melodies.

Although the lead keeps drawing my interest back when it does nice variations on the theme.

This seems like a song that would make me fall asleep and have bad dreams, lol.

Personally, I would like some sort of percussion, not necessarily a drum set, to help hold my interest and get my head rocking a little bit. And a bit of EQ work done on the instruments to un-muffle them a tiny bit. Might just be an opinion, but it might help.

Overall, interesting idea.
Comment Written by davey7865 on 26-Dec-2012

Good 2 go by AVISLEEK

I'm hearing a lot of Jamaican songs on here, I wonder why.

Very nice loud track. Seems to be a nice hybrid of traditional Jamaican music and techno.

I could definitely dance to this.

Nice composition.

If anything, I think that the techno sounding instruments could be replaced with more modern sounding electronic instruments - more fuzz, more influences drawn from dubstep and house might make this sound more modern and accessible to some people like me. But that's just a personal opinion.

Great production, overall!
Comment Written by davey7865 on 26-Dec-2012

Christmas Night by DonjayMckenzie

Nice sounding production.

Very loud, but I'm not hearing any clipping.

Very nice lyrics. You're doing the effects right!

I like how the drums sound prominent and clear, like the vocals, without over powering them. The background synth noises sit nicely in the back.

Very nice flow to the vocals.

Got me back in the Christmas spirit! I'm really enjoying this song.
Comment Written by davey7865 on 26-Dec-2012

The Hunt by Vasim Musayev

Intro noise sounds very nice. The drum beat that's fading in sounds very cool.

It's making a very nice build up of drums.

But then it just stops.

Overall, this seems like a very elaborate intro. Very nice sounding, but I'd like for it to build up into something, rather than nothing. If it would've taken me somewhere, I'd of been feeling it, but I feel a little let down, lol.

Great idea, though, and nice quality sounds.
Comment Written by davey7865 on 26-Dec-2012

State of Depression by Kre8t!ve

The beat sounds very good!

The vocals could use some work. They sound too natural, not pleasing. Maybe a tad bit too loud. Sounds like you're straining to keep up with your lyrics.

A real solid producer tweaking your vocals could go a long ways.
Comment Written by davey7865 on 26-Dec-2012

Andante con moto by nunezmusic

Hey, I'm trying to give you a new review.

I thought this was a "cover" song and so I gave you a three star review for the sound quality.

But the song itself totally deserves 5 stars! Great job! Sorry for the misunderstanding.
Comment Written by davey7865 on 26-Dec-2012

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