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Time After Time by Kerri Powles

This is a wonderful arrangement. Melancholy and reflective (which is the whole point of this contest). I feel like the length is just right, for the tenderness and fleeting feel of the piece. Just a brief moment of introspection and then ... poof. Gone.

Really, really lovely.
Comment Written by Seagull on 09-Apr-2013
Read and reviewed with blinders on.

Back Alley Sax by jeremycole

Nice!! Very smooth, sustained tone with such a melancholy sound. I can totally hear this being played in a movie (although maybe a bit too relaxed for a mobster film -- at least what I picture in my head).

I'm betting this would sound amazing with some soft percussion and keys in the background. Regardless, this was one stylin' solo... Can't wait to hear more.

Comment Written by Seagull on 08-Apr-2013

Like Pale Gold by MusicOfLYNN

This is so cool! What an interesting, inventive mix of sounds. The gentle, repetitive melody in the beginning totally had my hooked. And then the percussion came in. Wow. And the strings? Such a unique blend overall. And very professional sounding.
I could totally see this in a film. My mind automatically went to a heist / capper film. Excellent job.
Comment Written by Seagull on 07-Apr-2013

In Your Name by dwyattuk

I really, really like this. Reminds me of Neil Young's stuff. Very relaxed and solid. The lyrics are also pretty unique. Overall, very enjoyable and catchy (I seriously cannot get that chorus out of my head...)

Excellent job.
Comment Written by Seagull on 06-Apr-2013

Dance of the pied wagtail by John David Coupland
Chapter 4 of the book Birdsong by Harpaxe

This is lovely! Wonderful guitar playing, too. It just sounds so hopeful and uplifting and mellow -- a song I could easily listen to over and over. Although I really like the accompaniment, I am curious as to how this might sound as a solo guitar piece... Or perhaps, just without the percussion? Still, this is a gem of a piece. Great job.

Comment Written by Seagull on 06-Apr-2013

Free time by Fgo70

So awesome!! Got me groovin' in my seat. I'm actually not sure how to critique this. Everything is tight, professional and just plain, well, awesome. Maybe one thing: maybe consider making the vocals more prominent throughout or taking them out altogether (even though I like the nod to Hendrix that appears later in the song)

Comment Written by Seagull on 15-Mar-2013

My Reflection In The Mirror by dreambig

Very catchy. Sounds like you're still adding more too it, which is awesome. It would be great to hear a bit more of the story behind the "reflection" as you set the song up nicely for some context. I'd love to hear the rest of it when its finished.

You have a great voice. Maybe it's just me, though, but that guitar sounds like it's a bit out of tune.
Comment Written by Seagull on 05-Mar-2013

The History Of Time by freezerbeef

Excellent stuff. Seriously, your lyrics are fantastic. "There is a box somewhere of schoolbook days and myriad scraps of somebody not much to see.." Man, these are so rich and image-packed. Very, very memorable.

The upbeat tempo / echoey guitars work really well here. Aurally intriguing. Memory, time passing, special moments. It's all there.

Fantastic job.

Comment Written by Seagull on 21-Feb-2013

The Red Fluid - Hold Me Daddy by Haris Secerovic

I love the moody orchestral atmospheric stuff. Very nice (and creepy with those music box touches) But, that kid's voice is darn annoying. Sorry to be so blunt, but I just didn't understand why the sound clip kept popping up randomly throughout the piece.

At the beginning, with the rest of the ambient stuff, it works. But, after about three uses or so, the clip becomes really distracting. (Also, is she/he saying 'I love you Daddy' or 'Hold me Daddy'?)

Comment Written by Seagull on 21-Feb-2013

Wooden Houses by sizemore0409

That was very different. Which is awesome to hear, especially on this site. I found it captivating (the blending of those vocals is eerie). I love the gentle guitar strumming underneath. Could you post the lyrics? At some points the words seem to get a bit muddled in the mix (hey, maybe this was your intention..?)

Nice work,

Comment Written by Seagull on 19-Feb-2013

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