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Divertimento by midimusicman

Very good arranging capabilities. Every instrument fits perfectly in melody and harmony without interfering too much. Good job!
Comment Written by Zoran on 29-Apr-2012

Let the light in by Eon Mallett

Interesting sound, nice loops. The lo-fi effect of the recording is great. I like these "log drums" filling the sonic picture.
Comment Written by Zoran on 29-Apr-2012

Into The Snare by Silverback

Good intro and drum groove. Vocals are great in colour and singing. Nice guitar sound and arrangement. Chorus and verse have the same intensity. Maybe by driving a bit the guitar on the chorus more power could`ve been delivered. Anyway, good work!
Comment Written by Zoran on 29-Apr-2012

Sunsets by Jazzman67

Great. I like the string buzz, it feels like playing. I like the groove and the structure, after solo bass the harmony kicks in. Maybe you could reharmonize the harmony on the solo bass section in a way which is not based around tonic minor or such "tonic" feel, just to make contrast between the 2 sections.
Comment Written by Zoran on 29-Apr-2012

Hiddn Heart complete lyrics by AxelIngleson

The lyrics should`ve been of different colour, because I couldn`t read them without selecting them. Lyrics are very good and the vocal line should be the base of any future arrangement.
Comment Written by Zoran on 29-Apr-2012

images of the mind by rjsmithy1

Good droning intro, nice arrangement. The vocals should be more in tune at the chorus when singing, although the line is not easy and chromatic. Verse recital is good.
Comment Written by Zoran on 29-Apr-2012

Insanity (santana cover) by Jazzman67

You are a hell of a bass player! This is excellent. Can you play something wrong at all?? :))Try tu widen strings and to split somehow (maybe with panning) the bass solo from the bass accompainment.
Comment Written by Zoran on 27-Apr-2012

The Captain's Parrot by tynesider

Great, joyful.Nice singing and nice interpretation. Well selected instruments. It was funny to hear the archaic spoken words "on me shoulder..."
Comment Written by Zoran on 26-Apr-2012

living a life by bmuhammad

Nice groove and great singing.The vocals are distant from the music. Alhough the music is in the center in lo-fi, I like the wide vocals. It`s the opposite of how is usually made, wide music and centered vocals.
Comment Written by Zoran on 26-Apr-2012

A 12 bar blusey piece. by Johnny Gora

The picture is great, you are very talented. Never heard blues so strange :) It`s some kind of disco-chinese blues experiment. You brought the smile on my face.
Comment Written by Zoran on 26-Apr-2012

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