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Abiding in His Presence by janharbuck

This is a very solid, spirit enlightening song, that has a beautiful message to speak to receiving ears & hungry hearts. It's a lovely listen - your vocals are smooth and beautifully delivered. The sound of the song swells and accompanies at all the right times. The only thing that 'grammatically' tripped me up is the tense of the song title contrasting with the first verse. This is all about being in the presence of the lord, and yet the first verse says 'that's where I want to be'. It implies that you are not there now, which by the sound of your song, you certainly are!
Comment Written by Gabriowl on 12-Mar-2013

You Know I Know by wale jet

I absolutely LOVE the energy of this song! The electronica tinged, beat pounding reggae-hop sound is very captivating. The mix could benefit from some studio attention, as some of the instruments fuzz out a little bit. Overriding the sound wave maybe. Other than that, you have a pulsating hypnotic dance song here, one that should keep the dance floor hopping!
Comment Written by Gabriowl on 12-Mar-2013

Loser by p13012

A rocking tune you have going here! Starts out smooth and smoky like Morphine, and builds to a driving pitch. Well done! I hear many areas I really like, and only a couple of little elements that I think will be fixed when you get some studio production. I wish you well with that process, because I think you have a real marketable song with this one! Keep up the great play ;-)
Comment Written by Gabriowl on 12-Mar-2013

Now and Forever by Eric Grow

An over-the-moon croon filled with the resonance of a love ecstatic. The song is well shaped, and rolls over my ears with its smooth groove. The vocals are dreamy and heart-filled. A very enjoyable listen that could make many a well-balanced couple could fall in love all over again! Love how you captured this moment and exactly how much it meant to you. Keep up the great play! I have no technical critiques.
Comment Written by Gabriowl on 12-Mar-2013

Hip Hop by balajiram

Nice ambiance here with these dreamy beats! I could definitely feel some flow starting up in my mind freestyle-wise. I think someone will really enjoy wrapping their words around these grooves. Nice synth treatment and ambient background to carry the cadence along... Very well woven worldly trip-hop tapestry tune.
Comment Written by Gabriowl on 12-Mar-2013
Read and reviewed with blinders on.

Emerald Chill Zone by VR_rap

There's some solid fresh flows in this raging Northwest River! Rolling along over rapids and smooth terrain alike, this is a song to press play and hold on. Well crafted beats and lyric delivery - I see nothing that needs adjustment... other than maybe my state of mind while listening to this sacred cloudy tune ;-)
Comment Written by Gabriowl on 12-Mar-2013

Keep Keep Praising by janharbuck

A nice bounce to this one - reminiscent of 50's groove. You have a real toe tapper with this one! Love the keys sprinkling their solos in there too. Nice artwork showing that studio setting too... it brought the listening experience to life. I don't hear anything technical that I would change with this one. Everything from the vocal melodies to the background voices are rockin'!
Comment Written by Gabriowl on 12-Mar-2013

Thank You Lord by janharbuck

A beautifully empowering song of spirit! Your joy is contagious and sings strongly through your words. The narrative is personal, and yet applicable to anyone. A note on the chorus - I like the smooth sound of "I Want To Thank You" instead of "I Just Want To Thank You". The "Just" seems forced in there between the rhythm. Keep up the inspirational play ~ I listen forward to more!
Comment Written by Gabriowl on 12-Mar-2013

Happy Dance by Francis Lee Owen

This is a happy dance, indeed! Awesome freestyling instrumentation, though sometimes less notes played with more emphasis can provide more tension for those moments of the solo thread where you really let 'er rip! There's a solid stitching of groove to this song - one that I could imagine keeping the dancefloor whirling in a live setting. Keep sharpening what those instruments are saying, because their sound is awesome together!
Comment Written by Gabriowl on 12-Mar-2013

Love Song v3 by pmalman

Ooooh! What a pensive listen! I love the ambiance of the keys and strings dancing together - with some nice instrumentation on each of their voices. I like the introduction of the beat as well about 2/3's of the way through the song. It adds to the build and climax of the song. Well woven, and the song flows easy across my musical palette with delicious flavour!
Comment Written by Gabriowl on 12-Mar-2013

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