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Settle for the City )Money rap) by pmauk1

A great song with a strong lyrical thread and a light-hearted tone. Entertaining rhymes, and a popular topic for this day in age $$$... This song IS MONEY! Couldn't resist the pun. Technically, the song sounds excellent, but occasionally while I was listening the song would cut out for a split second here and there. My internet, perhaps? At any rate, it didn't factor into my rating, just wanted to let you know.
Comment Written by Gabriowl on 16-Mar-2013

Annamaya keerhtana by sowjicse58

Heartfelt passion in this voice! I love how my mind is transported to a place beyond thought, outside the box, and inside my self. A beautiful journey into soundscapes of the human vocal dynamic - I listen forward to more of this music!
Comment Written by Gabriowl on 16-Mar-2013

Hello My Friend ver.1 by pmalman

Jazzy and toe tapping, this tune is! A spoken (instrument voice) beginning really helps the listener hear the dialogue you speak of... a mental narrative begins to form - and the the addition of all the other elements - a fine smooth beat and polyrhythmic interweavings of all the other voices. Very well done! I can hear no technical suggestions - you have a solid offering with this track
Comment Written by Gabriowl on 16-Mar-2013

partyhard by yungprince26

A fine uptempo danceable song. Technically sound in it's assembly, and a kickin' beat! I would have given it 6 stars, but I can't give an auto-tune vocal a 6-star because it's against my musical doctrine. Well done, and keep up the great play - I'll listen forward to the next offering!
Comment Written by Gabriowl on 14-Mar-2013

Song474 Re-arranged by PaludalMelodyFactory

Awesome nu-jazz / smooth jazz song you have constructed here! The melody lines, while intricately woven, each maintain their clear musical voice, which makes for a complex and engaging listen. I don't hear any technical suggestions that jump right out at me. I love the smooth electric guitar lines too - I think you have a genre winner with this song - I could hear it being played on smooth jazz stations all over the place - you should submit it to some for consideration!
Comment Written by Gabriowl on 14-Mar-2013

Heartbreaker by fangok

I really like this listen as a demo, and I can hear through to the soul of the song. You have a group of great musical ideas here that pulls at the heartstrings, even as you sing about its breaking. I'd like to hear some of the instruments cleared up, as there were a couple of breaks where the guitar sounds pasted together. The rest of the refinements really come at the studio level - I wish you well in manifesting those opportunities, because you have some genuine music here, with an intangible magnetism that the ear will attune to and enjoy. Keep up the great play!
Comment Written by Gabriowl on 14-Mar-2013

HOMPIMPAH ( children's song ) by sambobo

What a playful and catchy tune! I wonder what the words mean? This is a solidly assembled song, everything from the steady bass groove to the playful dancing of the vocals. There may be a little room to spice up the song, maybe a repeat of the main chorus to get those kids singing along, or a section where it breaks down, the vocals become simpler, and becomes very memorable for younger minds. A fun listen for my Thursday shades... thank you for that, and keep up the great play!
Comment Written by Gabriowl on 14-Mar-2013

whine go low by young freazy

You have a dancefloor pounder with this track. I'm not usually a huge fan of autotuned house music, but you have done this one up nicely! I don't hear anything technically wrong to suggest corrections, and I expect to hear this in a nightclub set some night and say "where do I recognize this from?" Well done, and keep up the great play... I'm going to have a glass of wine to celebrate this review ;-)
Comment Written by Gabriowl on 14-Mar-2013

Hold by vanirof

I like how this music channels the present - it reminds me of when I'm sitting at the piano, just letting it play me instead of the other way around. There's something to be said for just letting the stream come through untouched by the ego of an editing ear. I enjoy the exercise of listening in on your musical moment!
Comment Written by Gabriowl on 14-Mar-2013

Tip Top by LIL FREEZE 413

Nice banging beats, though the shuffle / bead scratch element sounds a little too clean & computerized for my taste. Maybe dabble that in there a little less consistently? I like the horns and the tension points set up with the bell strike, when you let the beats breathe - all in all it's a great substructure for whatever other elements jump into the act!
Comment Written by Gabriowl on 12-Mar-2013

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